Diversity and Inclusion

diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Our Strategic Plan affirmed our core principles and values and highlighted the importance of Diversity and Belonging, which have long been a part of our philosophy as people from all walks of life have come together and found a home at Trail Blazers in our 134 years.


In June 2020, we made a commitment to be actively anti-racist and to do our part in creating a truly just world. This includes making Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) the primary lens through which we examine all our work, from program design to organization operations. 

Vision and Mission


We will develop future generations of diverse, informed, empowered, intentional and influential citizens who create a bias-free and anti-racist world. 


We create diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces with unencumbered access, where all youth, families and team members are valued, included and empowered.


This is central to Trail Blazers’ commitment to delivering accessible outdoor education and programming to young people and to the communities in which we work and serve. We act with intent to challenge and dismantle the global historic systems of oppression impacting all of society, our workforce and the entire Trail Blazers’ community.


By understanding the structures of power and privilege, we work passionately and emphatically to address all forms of discrimination – age, income, ability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, national origin, religion and sexual orientation – across every aspect of our business and among everyone we touch and serve.

Committee Members

Alia Abbas


Helen Horsham-Bertels

Committee Chair, Board

Josh Borkin

Dir. of Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Sandra Soto

Educator, Program Partner

Molly McCue

Dir. of HR & Employee Experience

Tiffany Caton

Dir. Development & Communications

How are we Doing?