Our Strategic Plan affirmed our core principles and values and highlighted the importance of Diversity and Belonging, which have long been a part of our philosophy as people from all walks of life have come together and found a home at Trail Blazers in our 134 years.

Spring 2020 showed us that this is not enough. In June, we made a commitment to be actively anti-racist and to do our part in creating a truly just world. This includes making Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) the primary lens through which we examine all our work, from program design to organization operations. Guiding us is our DEIB Committee, a group of Trail Blazers stakeholders who bring various perspectives to this work. Clockwise from top left: Helen Horsham-Bertels (Committee Co-Chair, Board), Dana Muldrow (Committee Co-Chair, Board), Tiffany Caton (Dir. Development & Communications), Molly McCue (Dir. Operations), Tom Nakashian (Board), Riel Peerbooms (Executive Director), Maggie Siddens (Program Lead), Dr. Sandra Soto (Educator, Program Partner), Christopher Thomasson (Overnight Programs Director), and Aloaye Tisor (Alumna and Alumni Engagement Committee Liaison). This group meets bi-weekly to examine what DEIB needs to look like at Trail Blazers with thoughtful and thorough care. We recognize this is a long, continual effort and are committed to keeping this focus front and center in the coming years. The committee looks forward to keeping you abreast of this work and involving you as Trail Blazers continues to progress.

Helen Horsham-Bertels

Committee Co-Chair, Board

Dana Muldrow

Committee Co-Chair, Board

Tiffany Caton

Dir. Development & Communications

Molly McCue

Dir. Operations

Tom Nakashian


Riel Peerbooms

Executive Director

Maggie Siddens

Program Specialist

Dr. Sandra Soto

Educator, Program Partner

Christopher Thomasson

Dir. Overnight Programs

Aloaye Tisor

Alumna, Alumni Engagement Committee Liasion


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