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Enjoy the Great Outdoors


Develop a love for the great outdoors every day, right in your neighborhood. Our outdoor day camp program in Prospect Park helps your camper develop an appreciation for the environment while making memories and learning skills to last a lifetime. 

At Day Camp Our days are filled with hands-on science experiments, group play and group challenges, team building, nature exploration, art, and lots of singing. More than that, each day your camper will develop their ability to care for themselves, their friends, our community, and the environment.



Our outdoor day camps are designed around small group experiences. Campers enroll into the same small group for the full summer. We believe that challenges are essential to a child’s ability to grow and include team building activities each day. Through these activities, campers learn how to work together, how to problem solve, and in turn build more meaningful relationships with one another.

why choose us

Many camps are planned down to the second and don’t allow time to wander off course, whereas at Trail Blazers we encourage this curiosity and desire to explore. We are the pioneers of decentralized programming. Each small group develops their own personalized schedule that can be tailored to meet the needs of the group. Happen upon some tadpoles in the park, let’s stop and observe for a bit. Exploration is a great way to learn.

Each week offers an environmentally focused theme, from “Camp ROCKS” to “It’s EASY being GREEN.” We’ll learn all about our planet, all the living things it is home to, and how best to take care of it! Campers will engage in hands-on activities focused on developing hard and valuable life skills. We’ll practice basic survival skills, knot-tying, plant and animal identification, and more!

At Trail Blazers we fully embrace the outdoors. Rain or shine, provided it is safe, we will opt outside. We spend our days exploring Prospect Park or engaged in an exciting excursion.

We strive to make camp accessible to everyone! We serve a diverse community of campers and search for staff from all backgrounds that bring unique skills and experiences with them to camp. We believe there is tremendous value in learning to interact with those that are different from us.

What Our Parents say

Testimonials From Summers Past

“Trailblazers is a great organization and we recommend it all the time. This summer was no exception; it felt even more well run and seamless than last year. I had total confidence in the staff and my son had a wonderful time. Thank you!”



“I loved seeing my daughter playing, dancing and having a great time when I picked up. She is blossoming and growing in wonderful ways and I attribute that in large part to this experience and your team.”



“My child loved the free time part of camp. Many camps do not allow children to just play freely but this camp does, which is awesome. He also felt proud and strong after walking so much during the week!”



“My daughter just finished her last week at Trail Blazers. We originally signed up for one week, and she loved it so much that we ended up going to four weeks total. She had a blast! Made new friends, saw old friends, LOVED being outside in the beautiful park. I felt like she was safe and in good hands. It was a really amazing summer camp experience!!!”

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