Building Values for Life

Trail Blazers is an award-winning youth development organization that has touched the lives of thousands of young people for over 130 years. Through outdoor experiential programs, accessible to all, Trail Blazers creates a world where all people have opportunities to go outside and grow within.

Anchored first by the ideas of brilliant, passionate and inspired people, and later by the magnificence of the Mashipacong estate in New Jersey, Trail Blazers has developed into a multifaceted youth development organization that serves thousands of children in New York and New Jersey. 

We have always been – and are now more than ever – a program that emphasizes connecting to each other through collaborative outdoor experiences. In a world that has seen growing inequality in recent years, the issue of access is more profound than ever; in a world dominated by screens and social media, Trail Blazers’ philosophy and values are both timeless and timely.

What Our Alumni Say

Testimonials From Summers Past

A mind stretched by a new experience can never return to its original form … I found it to be true every time I attended Trail Blazers.” ~ Alumna, 1945

“What I most treasure are the friendships that I made. The TBC ethos of respect for and enjoyment of the varieties of people and the variety of the natural world inspired me… and was the reason for my return as camper and counselor.” ~ Alumna, 1945

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