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Employment Opportunities

Trail Blazers hires staff from throughout New York City, across the country, and around the world. Our teams are comprised of people committed to putting the needs of our campers first, and who believe in Trail Blazers’ values of showing care and respect for themselves, others, their communities, and the environment.


Our school-year and summer camp programs offer multiple opportunities for crossover. We provide comprehensive training before and during programs to ensure you are getting feedback, building upon your skills, and growing in your capacity as a youth development professional. If you love children, care about the environment, love being outside, and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and in your community, join us!


Many of our staff members describe Trail Blazers as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that they have ever had. Our programs are designed not only to support camper growth, but to provide our staff teams with continuous opportunities for growth and professional development – all while working and playing in the great outdoors!

We are a group of deeply kind and dedicated folk who share a belief in the value and power of our unique program. We are committed to putting the needs of our campers first, and we believe in Trail Blazers’ values of showing care and respect for ourselves, others, our communities, and the environment.


As a Trail Blazers leader, you will collaborate in developing challenging goals, and think strategically about how to attain them. You will support and be supported by a team of passionate individuals working hard towards a common purpose. Trail Blazers’ Main Messages apply equally to our staff and our campers — you will hear them repeated all the time:


You belong here


This is tough…and you can do it


With practice, you will get better


Ultimately, you will succeed

Our staff leaders are the most important resource for the success of our programs and our mission. We apply the principles of respect, honesty, trust and commitment to nurture and develop our teams for the benefit of each individual and our organization. Our shared values mirror the four values that underpin our program as a whole.


I show care and respect for myself:

I am proud of my professional language, behavior, and appearance

I understand my role, and seek the knowledge and skills I need to improve

I embrace opportunities to be challenged, to learn, and to grow


I show care and respect for others:

I build strong relationships with and among Trail Blazers leaders and campers

I respond to the expressed and unexpressed needs of the members of my team

I show appreciation and acknowledgement to others


I show care and respect for our community:

I proactively make space for diversity of people, viewpoints, and spaces

I share a collective responsibility to address issues affecting our community

I follow through on the commitments that I make


I show care and respect for our environment:

I am aware of the environment around me and adjust my actions and behaviors to fit

I leave spaces better than I found them

I create a safe and healthy environment for myself, my co-workers, and our campers


These values are woven through every aspect of the staff experience. They are the foundation of our training and coaching, and they create a shared language throughout the entirety of the organization.

From group leaders to gardeners, specialists to supervisors, we all work in service of Trail Blazers’ vision and mission:


We envision a world where all people have opportunities to go outside and grow within.

Through outdoor experiential programs, accessible to all, Trail Blazers equips and empowers youth to build values for life.


Our vision statement isn’t a lofty goal. As a member of the Trail Blazers team you’ll develop a vision for your work that drives our overarching vision forward. What will you do as a group leader, a team supervisor, an administrator, that moves us closer to giving all people opportunities to grow in the great outdoors? How will your work and your actions empower the campers we serve to develop values that guide them through their youth and beyond?


These are important questions; you have a very important job.

In building out our teams, we look for people who:


Are eager to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to succeed

Are motivated by challenge

Have experience relevant to their role and a desire to gain more of it

Are equipped to provide and receive feedback

Care deeply about the social and emotional development of children

Believe in the power of outdoor education

Possess high levels of kindness, enthusiasm, and patience

Are fully committed to Trail Blazers’ staff shared values


If this sounds like you, check out the program tabs for position availability!

We are working hard to support our families as they navigate the COVID crisis. Managing school and home schedules is not going to be easy for parents; we are determined to alleviate some of the pressure by providing an engaging program that wraps around the various remote and in-class schedules that are set up for their children.


Our program is being developed in response to family needs and changing directives from the Department of Education and Department of Health. As such, the day-to-day experience of a role on this team is bound to fluctuate. This is a brand new endeavor in a changing world, and we are looking for truly trailblazing Trail Blazers. Extremely high levels of flexibility, professionalism, and experience working with children are required. If you want to be a part of this process we’d love to hear from you.


After School Group Leaders

These group leaders work in a school setting with small cohorts of no more than 8 campers (this is what we call all of our program participants), supporting remote work and leading fun, hands-on projects and experiments. The school year is starting with a lot of uncertainty – group leaders will provide much-needed calm, kindness, and support to their campers. This is our traditional school program offering. Afternoons only. A 5 day commitment is required. Hourly rate: $17


Bubble Group Leaders: This is a brand new endeavor. Group leaders will see their campers outside of the school setting, and get to know some of their families as well. You’ll work with small cohorts of 6 campers in home- and center-based locations. You’ll sing, play, lead activities, support campers in their remote learning, and help provide structure to fragmented schedules that so many families are facing. Mornings, Afternoons, or Combination schedules available. Hourly rate: $17


Virtual Group Leaders: Our virtual group leaders will facilitate virtual adventures through a learning platform called MyQuest. Based out of the Trail Blazers center on Rogers Avenue, this role also includes giving live instruction, playing games, and holding sunrise and sunset circles with groups of campers, all online. It is possible that this role can be combined with a bubble role. Afternoons only. A 5 day commitment is required. Hourly rate: $15

Hours are between 8:00 – 6:00, Monday – Friday. Morning, afternoon, and full day schedules are available.


Click here for our Group Leader position description. Hiring has started and will continue until all positions are filled. Our programs have rolling start dates from September 14 onward; end date for all programs is December 18. There is a possibility of extension into a 2021 winter session.

Click here for our application.

We are in our 6th summer of outdoor adventure, and we found the kindest, most playful, most enthusiastic people out there to join us. You’ll see us Monday – Friday rain or shine, exploring Prospect Park’s wide open fields and nature trails in our bright green shirts and with face masks on, singing loudly and proudly with our campers!


Our group leader work in a small-knit team with another group leader or two to facilitate amazing camp experiences for groups of 6-8 campers ages 3-10, and we have a team of directors supporting them and their programs. We have a comprehensive health and safety plan developed in response to Covid-19. It can be found on our day camp program page (click here).


We are no longer hiring for summer 2020 – see you next year!

Our overnight staff team comes from across the country and across the globe. It is comprised of college students and graduates, aspiring teachers, childcare professionals, outdoor educators, and campers who have grown up at TBC. A summer at Trail Blazers is full of outdoor adventures in a back-to-basics camp setting. Staff lead multi-day backpacking hikes, biking treks, and canoe trips. They spend time on farms and scaling rock walls. They cultivate gardens, lead archery activities, and become masters at maker space arts and crafts. No matter their role the day ends around a campfire, singing and reflecting with their smallcamp group.


For the first summer in our 134 year history we were unable to welcome staff or campers to our Mashipacong Estate for an overnight camping program.


We’ll be back next summer – hope to see you then!

No positions are currently available

Employment questions can be sent to Molly McCue, Director of Operations,

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Target start date for this role is October 15.


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