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Contact Information

394 Rogers Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225

(212) 529-5113

Non-Profit Information

Registered 501(c)3
EIN 13-1771421 

Vision and Mission

We envision a world where all young people have opportunities to go outside and grow within. Through outdoor experiential programs, accessible to all, Trail Blazers equips and empowers youth to build values for life.

Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2019, a small group of board members and staff, with input from the broader Trail Blazers community, finalized an ambitious five-year plan to bring Trail Blazers to the forefront of our arena. Our strategic plan provides a strong foundation and sturdy guide rails to ensure we continue to fulfill our promise to deliver a best in class youth service that is truly available to all. This living document guides program and organization-wide objectives and has been instrumental in helping us as we continue to weather the storm brought on by COVID-19.

Find the full strategic plan here

We offer a variety of outdoor and play-based programs during the summer and throughout the academic year. Our portfolio is comprised of overnight camp in Montague, NJ; Brooklyn-based summer day camp; school break camps; and school programs, which this year includes virtual, after school, center, and bubble-based programs. 

Program Pillars

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Tier Approach

We strongly believe that meaningful outdoor engagement programs should be available to all who want them, irrespective of their ability to pay. All of our programs are offered on a tiered basis. During enrollment, families are asked to self-select a tier level that is loosely based on household income. If the price of a program remains out of reach even with a tiered discount, families are encouraged to select the next tier level down. For almost all of our programs, additional scholarships are available to families for whom the tier 1 price remains out of reach. We do not require proof of income in order to receive a tiered discount. Tier details can be found in the Enrollment tab.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policy

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Tier Information



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How old do campers need to be to attend day camp?

We accept campers as young as three years of age, so long as they are entering Pre-K and will turn four by the end of the calendar year. Please review the ‘Is Your Child Ready’ tab to make sure your loved one is ready for our program. 


Our oldest groups accept campers up to age ten. 


Please contact our registration team at (212) 529-5113 if you have questions. 


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans. When you register through Active you can select payment plans of either 3 or 6 installments. Full payment is due before beginning the program. 


What do I need to pack?

Lunch and snacks – Pack enough for a full and active day. 

Water bottle – Campers will need a refillable water bottle each day. We will refill our bottles often as we travel around the park. Our backpacks can also accommodate water bladders.

A change of clothes – We recommend packing a full change of clothes for all campers, including our older groups. We are outdoors all day and there is always the possibility that campers clothes will get wet or dirty. 

Rain gear – We spend time outside every day – rain showers or shine. If the weather predicts light rain please pack a water-proof jacket and shoes. Please note we will close in the event of extended rain or inclement weather. 

Sunscreen – even on the cloudiest of days. A hat is also great for protection from the sun.

Sturdy, closed toe shoes – Comfort is key! We will be active throughout the day walking all over the park. We suggest something that is water resistant as well. 

Layers – If the weather predicts cool temperatures in the morning or early evening we also recommend packing or wearing layers. Campers may get chilly and want a light sweater or long sleeve shirt. 


Where and when is drop off?

Drop off is between 9 and 9:15 am each day, groups will have a unique drop off and pick up location along the East side of Prospect Park between Parkside and Empire. Your group’s location will be communicated via email before beginning the program. 


Pick up?

Regular pick up is between 3:15 and 3:30 pm each day to the same location as drop off. 

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