Since 1887, Trail Blazers has been a leader in environmental science, experiential education, and outdoor fun. Located on 1000 acres in the Kittatinny Mountains, the natural scenery of Trail Blazers is breathtaking. Forest trails, rangy vistas, and s’mores over the campfire are just a few of the highlights. In addition, Lake Mashipacong sits right in the center of our property. Our site is surrounded by another 25000 acres of protected state forest. A family stay at Trail Blazers is truly getting back to nature.


COVID-19 Safety & Protocols

In this unprecedented time, we are very happy to be able to open up Family Camp. It offers a much-needed respite and a place to run around for all of our families. Of course, to do so safely, we have some specific rules to follow. We have taken guidance from the CDC, the American Camp Association, and state and local health departments. Below is a list of the most impactful COVID-19 related protocols and guidelines for Family Camp. You will receive a more comprehensive list of guidelines upon registration.


  • Guests will be required to only mingle within their own family group. They will not be able to intermingle with other family groups.
  • Guests will not be able to drive their cars into camp. They will park in our parking lot and our staff will truck their luggage out to the smallcamps.
  • There are NO PETS allowed at Family Camp.
  • Masks and observance of social distancing are required for all guests when near other families or staff.
  • Masks are not necessary when guests are in their smallcamp or at an activity area with no one else around.
  • All meals will be prepared and packed to take out.
  • Each family will have a designated dining area in the Great Hall. Masks and distancing are required as groups come in and out of the hall, or as people are using the handwashing stations.
  • There will be multiple outdoor picnic tables for eating outside of the Great Hall.
  • Families will sign up to reserve a time slot to use the powerhouse, as well as any of the activity areas.(Archery, Low Ropes, Biking, Boating, Fishing, Arts & Crafts)
  • Showerhouses, restrooms, and activity area equipment must be wiped down after each family use. These areas will also be disinfected each night.



family camp

at Trail Blazers


It is time to get back to the fresh air of the outdoors. We have spent too many weeks cooped up in our homes. Family Camp offers a chance for you and your family to explore our 1000 acres. Every morning, you’ll wake up to the birds singing and the sun burning off the morning fog around the lake. Every night, you’ll watch fireflies dance and star twinkle. The kids can run and play, the parents can sit back and relax, and everyone can enjoy everything nature has to offer.


Wildlife is definitely a part of the adventure at Trail Blazers. During your stay, you may see some unusual birds, wild turkey, foxes, raccoons, and possibly even a black bear!

Our Family Camp guests stay in our smallcamps. Each smallcamp has multiple hogans, our traditional canvas shelters, along with an outhouse and a campfire circle.


Please note- Trail Blazers does not have cabins. Our rustic site does not have the capacity to handle campers and other kinds of recreational vehicles (RVs). 


The waterfront bathhouses will be available for showers and indoor plumbing.


While each small camp has a fire site, cooking is not permitted in smallcamp for safety reasons. Meals will be prepared and served from the Great Hall. In addition, we have two outdoor cook sites available for your use.

At Trail Blazers, getting back to nature also includes getting back to hearty, healthy, home-cooked meals. We will provide three meals a day, fresh from the camp kitchen.


For breakfast, we will feature hot breakfast service along with Grab & Go options.


For lunch, you will have a menu of options to choose from each day, they will be prepared and packed into a cooler bag for you to take with you and have your lunch anywhere you choose.


For dinner, meals will be in or around the Great Hall with socially distanced bubbles for each family. Dinner will be packed up and a contactless delivery will be dropped at your dining area. Alternatively, you can also take out your meal and eat around the Great Lawn or one of our picnic tables.


In addition, we will also have cookout packages available for you to make your own meal over the campfire and, of course, we will have plenty of s’mores supplies!

Lake Mashipacong is an incredible sight. Along with the surrounding forests, you will find many moments to be worthy of an Instagram post. Of course, we want you to capture memories, but we encourage you to unplug and enjoy nature.


Our smallcamps do not have electricity. We have all spent a lot of time inside over the past few months. Come join us and take the opportunity to get away from the endless Zoom meetings and online classrooms. Close the laptop and get back outside!

This is a family-friendly experience!


The trails will be open for hiking and observing nature.


You can reserve time on Lake Mashipacong for swimming, boating, and fishing.


You will also be able to reserve time at our Archery pit or Low Ropes course, or even reserve a mountain bike.


Additional socially distanced group activities may be scheduled; please check back at a later time for more details.


While we recommend you unplug while at camp, we understand that work might still beckon. For those who need it, we do offer limited Wi-Fi access outside of the Lodge. We also will have Wi-Fi and computer access available in the camp library.

Trail Blazers Family Camp will be offering two reservation options, a weekday package & a weekend package.



Weekday Package: Arrival after 3pm on Monday and departure by 1pm on Friday


Mon, July 6 – Fri, July 10

Mon, July 13 – Fri, July 17

Mon, July 20 – Fri, July 24

Mon, July 27 – Fri, July 31

Mon, Aug 3 – Fri, Aug 7

Mon, Aug 10 – Fri, Aug 14

Mon, Aug 17 – Fri, Aug 21

Mon, Aug 24 – Fri, Aug 28


Weekend Package: Arrival after 3pm on Friday and departure by 1pm on Sunday


Fri, July 3 – Sun, July 5

Fri, July 10 – Sun, July 12

Fri, July 17 – Sun, July 19

Fri, July 24 – Sun, July 26

Fri, July 31 – Sun, Aug 2

Fri, Aug 7 – Sun, Aug 9

Fri, Aug 14 – Sun, Aug 16

Fri, Aug 21 – Sun, Aug 23

Fri, Aug 28 – Sun, Aug 30

To check availability and book your reservation, click here!


As with all of the Trail Blazers programs, it is our mission to make them accessible for all. With that in mind, our rates are set to a self-selecting sliding scale based on income. Package rates are listed below.


TIER 1 (Family Income up to $30,000 annually)

$200 per family for weekday package

$100 per family for weekend package

(This includes up to 4 family members, additional family members can be added for an additional charge.)


TIER 2 (Family Income $30,000-$60,000 annually)

$300 per family for weekday package

$150 per family for weekend package

(This includes up to 4 family members, additional family members can be added for an additional charge.)


TIER 3 (Family Income $60,000-$90,000 annually)

$400 per family for weekday package

$200 per family for weekend package

(This includes up to 4 family members, additional family members can be added for an additional charge.)


TIER 4 (Family Income over $90,000 annually)

$500 per family for weekday package

$250 per family for weekend package

(This includes up to 4 family members, additional family members can be added for an additional charge.)


Additional family member charge is $25 for weekend package and $50 for weekday package across all tiers.


You cannot have any food in your camp; no cookies, no snacks, not even a piece of gum. Literally nothing. Food, even in sealed containers or pre-wrapped, WILL attract bears to your camp.

Toiletries also attract bears.   Any soap, toothpaste, etc. should be locked in the green & yellow “ bear box” that we will provide. This is the most important rule of Family Camp!


Some items you may want to bring to camp:

  • Heavy shoes with closed toes
  • A raincoat
  • Swimwear
  • Flashlight or Lantern
  • Insect repellent
  • Suntan lotion
  • Outdoor games for you and for the kids
  • Refillable water bottle

There are NO PETS allowed at Family Camp.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, guests will be required to bring their own linens for their visit. Also, we recommend bringing hand sanitizer.

These are the terms and conditions for your stay at Trail Blazers Family Camp.

Each family will be required to sign our Family Camp Waiver in order to participate.

This is our Family Camp Guest Rules guide. Download for a preview of your visit.


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Summer 2020 update: if we CAN, we WILL

Please click HERE for an update on Overnight Camp, Day Camp, Virtual Camp, and Family Camp. We’re closely monitoring all guidance from the state, local health departments, and the American Camp Association, just to name a few, so that we can fulfill our mission and be a resource to families while keeping everyone safe. To be notified of updates in real time, subscribe to our mailing list HERE.