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The exciting outdoor adventure of Trail Blazers meets the thrill of living and working at Stony Creek Farmstead.



From the gentle care required to gather fresh eggs, to the rhythmic kneading of making bread by hand, to discerning which vegetables are ready to be harvested, Farmstead Camp gives your campers the opportunity to attune with nature and themselves, while getting back to the basics of farm living.


Two fantastic programs come together to offer your camper one amazing experience! Our adventure begins at the beautiful forested grounds of Trail Blazers. Our days are filled with outdoor adventures guided by the interests of the group. They will enjoy biking, hiking, canoeing, campfires, archery, swimming, high ropes, and nature crafts…just to name a few! Then, we journey to Stony Creek Farmstead, nestled in the Catskills in the town of Walton, NY. We’ll milk the cows, herd the sheep, work in the garden, plant seeds and seedlings. We will play and explore the barn, the farm, the creek, and wooded trails leading to fantastic vistas. We will prepare our own meals and see what “Farm-to-Table” looks like up close. It is a program full of new experiences and a deeper understanding of life outside of the city. Join us!

When a camper signs up for Farmstead Camp, they are signing up for a one-of-a-kind adventure that will open them up to a whole new world.


Camping Adventures

Farmsteaders live in canvas-covered teepees and hogans while at Trail Blazers, connecting with nature through the simplicity of a cozy campsite. Our site at Stony Creek is large camping tents set up alongside a trickling stream, with a wide-open view of the starry night sky to blanket us while we sleep.


Hands-on Skill Mastery

Farmstead Camp at Stony Creek provides endless opportunities for experiential learning and curiosity-driven unstructured play, as well as time to hone exciting practical (and interesting!) skills.


Warm Connections

Our smallcamp group of 8 campers is led by three caring group leaders who are passionate about helping your child connect with the outdoors and with their new camp friends. Our mornings begin together, we eat all of our meals family-style, and we end each night singing and sharing around a campfire. With no screens or electronics, our campers can learn how to reconnect with one another. Your camper won’t just come home with lots of new knowledge, they will also come home with lots of new friends.

One hundred thirty three years is a long time to perfect the art of youth development. Formal metrics confirm what anecdotal reports have always shown us: building strong social and emotional foundations sets children up for true long-term success. 


Every Trail Blazers program is designed with the same five building blocks – research-backed strategies, seamlessly woven into each day’s plan:


  • GOAL SETTING: deciding upon daily, aspirational group and individual goals and planning paths towards them
  • TEAM BUILDING and CHALLENGE: working together to solve problems and encouraging each other to persist when things get tough
  • FREE PLAY and EXPLORATION: letting wonder and imagination guide the program experience
  • SCIENCE and SKILL BUILDING: honing in on specific interests and developing a methodical approach to learning
  • REFLECTION:  reflecting on one’s performance, focusing on the day’s highs and lows, and getting excited about what tomorrow will bring


This approach – which looks different every day, within every program, and for every group – delivers a uniquely powerful youth development experience.

Arrive at Trail Blazers to meet your group and group leaders on the first day. Play a million games and sing just as many songs as you get to know each other and settle into small camp.


Eat a delicious dinner together and then gather with your small camp around the pow wow fire, singing songs and planning the week ahead. Settle into your cozy bed on your first night to the sound of your group leader reading a bedtime story while the embers of the campfire crackle and pop.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are full of activities at Trail Blazers, with a schedule that you help put together – see below for some possibilities!


On Thursday your group will pack tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and other gear for your trip to Stony Creek Farmstead (about 2 hours away from camp). While at Stony Creek, you will become an important part of farm life, helping farmers Kate and Dan with chores such as milking the cow, gathering eggs, and planting seedlings. You could also pick vegetables, pet sheep, feed chickens, and bake bread – there’s so much to do!


You’ll spend 5 days and 5 nights at Stony Creek, on a private campsite surrounded by a trickling creek and dozens of hiking trails that wind around the farm’s 100 acre property.


After breakfast on Tuesday you’ll head back to Trail Blazers where you’ll have three more days of camp adventures. What an amazing two weeks it’s been.

A non-exhaustive list of Trail Blazers activities includes:


Row boating
Mountain biking
Low ropes
Nature crafting
Maker space crafting
Spirit days
Unstructured play
Mud pies
Fairy and elf houses
Library book reading
Feeding chickens and goats
Star gazing
Night hikes
Nature journaling
Shelter building
Fire building
Outdoor cooking


A non-exhaustive list of Stony Creek Farmstead activities includes:


Bread baking
Cow milking
Herding sheep
Feeding pigs
Farm tours
Sketching and drawing
Planting seeds
Harvesting vegetables
Helping with farm chores
Gathering eggs
Exploring the creek
Cooking soup
Making salsa
Making pizza
Making pickles
Creating a dream garden collage
Creek stomping

Farmstead Camp at Stony Creek is open to boys and girls entering grades 2-6, who will be 7-12 years old this summer.

This two week program is held during Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3 of our overnight camp program, running from Sunday through Friday of the following week.


July 12 – July 24


July 26 – August 7


August 9 – August 21

All Trail Blazers programs are offered on a tier basis, loosely linked to family income. Your tier is self-selected during the application process.


Tier 1 (<$30k) = $800
Tier 2 ($30-60k) =$1100
Tier 3 ($60-90k) = $1500
Tier 4 (>$90k) = $2000
Full Price = $2500


Please note that additional scholarships on top of the tier rates are not available for this program at this time.


A one-time annual fee of $50 per child will be added to each account during registration (not included above). If you are currently registered for a different Trail Blazers program, this fee may have already been paid.

THURSDAY – Arrival at the Farm
12pm – Make your own wrap for lunch with farm fresh fillings
2pm – Farm tour and exploration: meet the animals, run through the fields, and get acquainted with your campsite
4pm – Afternoon farm chores before dinner
6:30pm – Farmstead Supper: Chicken or tomato soup, fresh picked salad, homemade rolls
8pm – Campfire talk “we are what we eat” and Nighttime Campfire


6:30am – Wake up, stretch, and complete your morning farm chores as a team
8am – Farmstead Breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and eggs gathered the day before
9 am –  Extended farm tour
11am – Free time to blow bubbles, take out a sketch pad, or dip your toes in the creek
12pm –  Lunch at the Farmstead: egg salad, hummus, homemade pitas, veggie sticks
1:30pm – Afternoon work crews: plant seedlings in garden, weed around vegetables, harvest veggies, start pickles in the kitchen
4pm – free time with friends before prepping for supper
6pm – Campsite dinner: bean chili, fresh bread, tomato/cucumber/basil salad
8pm –  Nighttime Campfire and bedtime


6:30am  –  Farm Chores
8am –  Farmstead Breakfast: breakfast burritos and fresh milk
9am – Morning work crew
12pm – Picnic lunch and hike with Trail Blazers staff
4pm –  Help in farm kitchen prepping pizza night supper
6pm – Pizza night supper and campfire
8pm – Nighttime Campfire


6:30am – Farm Chores
8am –  Campsite Breakfast of soaked oatmeal, farm made yogurt, maple syrup and fruit
9am –  Trail Blazer led activity
12pm –  Farmstead Lunch of homemade mac & cheese and salads
2pm – Farmstead kitchen activity: bread baking (making rolls for supper), making yogurt
6pm  – Farmstead Dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs, summer salads
8pm – Nighttime Campfire


6:30am – Farm Chores
8am – Campsite Breakfast of soaked oatmeal, buckwheat, farm made yogurt, maple syrup and fruit
9am – Orienteering game
12pm – Lunch at the Campsite: soup and bread
1:30pm – Afternoon work crews: garden work, trail maintenance, work with animals
4pm – Free time with friends/Trail Blazers activity
6pm – Farmstead Dinner: bean and cheese burritos with fresh salsa
8pm – Nighttime Campfire


Final good byes!
Depart after breakfast – return to Trail Blazers


Stony Creek Farmstead is owned and worked by Kate and Dan Marsiglio, who live on the farm with their two children. Since 2005 they have been growing vegetables, meat, and eggs for sale, and adhere to rigorous free-range, organic, pasturing, loving practices for all of their animals.


Along with farming and selling their products, Kate and Dan welcome guests of all ages to their farm to participate in day camps, farm stays, workshops, and apprenticeships. Theirs is a farm full of love, learning, and laughter — and they can’t wait for your camper to join them this summer!

Trail Blazers Overnight Camp

Learn more about Trail Blazers other overnight camp programs! We focus on small group living experiences and environmental engagement, with challenging adventures driven by camper choice and interest. No two sessions are ever the same! Programs are available for children ages 5 through 17.


Trail Blazers Day Camp

Trail Blazers also offers a day camp based out of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, with three drop off/pick up locations and after care available until 6pm. This exciting, play-based program takes us all over the park, on field trips through New York City, and even up to our overnight camp for day trips to explore the forest. Choose the days that work for you, and know that whether your child is with us for one week or the full summer, he or she will be with the same consistent, caring group leaders throughout.


Stony Creek Farmstead LLC

Learn more about Stony Creek Farmstead, owned and worked by three generations of the Marsiglio family. In addition to raising and selling meat, eggs, and vegetables both at their farm and delivered throughout the tri-state area, the farm is also the perfect place to escape the hustle in rustic and relaxing platform tents.


Testimonials From Summers Past

“My daughter helped grow and cultivate veggies….and then she ATE them. And she liked it! She likes to eat healthier now, and that is a practice I have always wanted to instill in my child.” ~ Parent, 2020


“The farm program was an amazing experience for our son. He is a city kid and had never been close to farm animals. I couldn’t believe it when he wrote a letter home and said he milked a cow.” ~ Parent, 2020


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