Regarding the George Floyd murder verdict

The conviction of George Floyd’s murderer is a significant event.

It signifies that America is capable of recognizing injustice towards Black and Brown people and is capable of focusing attention and other resources to right wrongs.

It signifies a precedent has been set that, when future injustices occur, accountability will be expected.

However, what it does not signify is that we have fixed the problem; this single instance of accountability is not the same as justice.

This small step provides hope but does not address previous injustices, such as Breonna Taylor’s killers not being indicted, nor does it address policies that facilitate on-going acts of violence against Black and Brown people.

What the conviction signifies is that there is much more work to be done but it is possible to make changes that create a better world where people can safely be their authentic selves.

This is a very large lift, requiring many hands. Anti-racism work starts within ourselves, within our homes, within our communities. With each passing day, we have an opportunity to move this work forward. Actions include educating, advocating, and listening. Though the work is on-going, we must persist and continue on because lives hang in the balance.

We made a commitment to centering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Trail Blazers. In a few days we will be sharing some of the work we have started over the past year to move closer to this goal. We also continue to invite you to be a part of this work and help us to create a diverse, equitable, inclusive world where people feel they belong.

Riel Peerbooms

Executive Director

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