Young Professionals Board

Is It Your Time to Lead?


Since 1887, the work of Trail Blazers outdoor and nature-based programs have been guided by passionate, vibrant leaders who are dedicated to ensuring that all children can have access enriching outdoor experiences.

As Trail Blazers continues to support and guide young people in the face of the modern world’s new challenges, we are seeking leaders with new skills who are similarly dedicated to our mission. The new Trail Blazers Young Professionals Board is a hands-on group that will bring advice, assistance, and imagination to our work, creating life-changing impact for years to come.

why Get Involved?

  • You believe in the transformative power of the outdoors
  • You think that all young people should have access to opportunities to go outside to grow within
  • You have expertise and time that can help Trail Blazers maximize our resources and efficiently fulfill our mission of guiding children and teens in building skills and values for life.

What Our Leaders say

Testimonials From Summers Past

“We love Trail Blazers. I like that it’s not super fancy with tons of fancy equipment. I like that it is about surviving with what’s right in front of them. It uses nature itself as a teacher. And the diversity of campers and counselors.”~ Parent, 2020

“Trail Blazers Overnight Camp provided a rich, traditional outdoor camp experience for our daughter. The core values of the program, including the focus on developing independence, were evident in her behavior upon return and have stayed with her to this very day.” ~ Parent, 2019

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