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The Trail Awaits!

130 years, and counting…

Since 1887, Trail Blazers’ programs have served young people, helping them to develop essential skills and values that enable them to step into the world ready to thrive. We are excited to bring our program to Workshop Middle School!

Summit at Workshop is a survival program, focused on learning survival skills that are then put to the test in an expedition. Four 3-day trips are scheduled throughout the year: a hiking trip, a building trip, a biking trip and a canoeing trip.


We believe in the importance of…

  • Connecting to our community and connecting to nature
  • Building stewardship for our community and environment
  • Emphasis on “Social Emotional Learning” skills 
  • Play-as-learning and screen-free, hands-on experiences 

Our Approach

One hundred thirty-four years is a long time to perfect the art of youth development. Formal metrics confirm what anecdotal reports have always shown us: building strong social and emotional foundations sets children up for true long-term success.
Every Trail Blazers program is designed with the same five building blocks – research-backed strategies, seamlessly woven into each day’s plan:  
  • GOAL SETTING: deciding upon daily, aspirational group and individual goals and planning paths towards them during the Sunrise Circle
  • TEAM BUILDING and CHALLENGE: working together to solve problems and encouraging each other to persist when things get tough
  • FREE PLAY and EXPLORATION: letting wonder and imagination guide the program experience
  • SKILL BUILDING: honing in on specific interests and developing a methodical approach to learning
  • REFLECTION: reflecting on one’s performance, focusing on the day’s highs and lows, and getting excited about what tomorrow will bring during the Sunset Circle

  • This approach – which looks different every day, within every program, and for every group – delivers a uniquely powerful youth development experience.

Trail Blazers @ Workshop

What Our Parents say

Testimonials From Years Past

“We love Trail Blazers because they spend time getting to know the children. I’ve seen counselors playing with the children, which changes how they respond and makes them excited for after school. Thank you for loving my son and being a part of our family for the last 3 years!”

~ Parent, 2020


“Trail Blazers has a great after school program and I feel safe sending my child here. Also my son loves the outdoors now even more and is learning new and exciting things about nature I am so happy about that, go Trail Blazers.”

~ Parent, 2020

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