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At Trail Blazers, children have the chance explore and discover the natural world like nowhere else. Each week of the summer brings with it a unique theme, influencing the crafts and activities that fill the day. Our camp has 1000 acres of natural land, with creeks, hiking paths, lakes, ponds, forests and fields—the perfect setting for making new friends and experiencing the summer of a lifetime!


Our program begins each morning at 9.00 am. The day is packed with survival, wilderness and outdoor activities, encouraging cooperative learning, camper-driven exploration and physical activity. Through all of this, we focus on our six core values – Being a Friend, Being Healthy, Learning to Learn, Self-Growth, Being a Steward, and Learning to Survive – all while having an outstanding time.

Pick-up is at 4pm daily. Early drop off (8am) and late pick up (6pm) options are available for an extra fee.

At Trail Blazers, every day brings a new adventure! Activities include swimming, canoeing, archery, nature crafts, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and getting our hands dirty while exploring the outdoors.


Week 1: June 23 - June 26 (4-day week) -- How To Be a Trail Blazer

The summer starts with a classic: learning what it takes to be a Trail Blazer. We’ll build fires, ride bikes, go fishing, sing songs, and so much more. Once you’ve discovered what being a Trail Blazer is all about, you’ll want to come back for more!

Week 2: June 29 - July 3 -- We Are Family

Through teambuilding activities and exciting group challenges, we will discover what it means to work together and be part of a community. We’ll go on bike rides and have picnic lunches in different parts of camp. We’ll even get our hands dirty in the garden and learn about recycling and helping our environment. Talk about a busy week!

Week 3: July 6 - July 10 -- Nature Explorers

Let’s discover the wonderful world of Trail Blazers together! From ferns to frogs, from moss to mud, what will we find as we explore the hidden trails of camp? Keep your eyes open and your ears alert – nature is full of surprises!

Week 4: July 13 - July 17 -- Trail Blazers Survivor

What does it take to survive in the wild – for plants? For animals? For us? Let’s find out how different living things adapt to their environments, and see what kinds of adaptations we can do ourselves! Can we blend into our surroundings like clever animals do, or cook over a fire like true woods people? Let’s see!

Week 5: July 20 - July 24 -- Express Yourself

We’re going to create all sorts of different masterpieces. How about a painting made entirely of handprints, or an awesomely textured poster using sand, beads, leaves, and your imagination? Or maybe something written in the nature journal that you made using homemade paper? Let your creativity shine!

Week 6: July 27 - July 31 -- Water World

Will it rain this week? We hope so! Puddle jumping and creek exploration are just a small part of our big plans. Don’t worry, we have extra towels…and we might need them!

Week 7: August 3 - August 7 -- Trail Blazers Detectives

Let’s put our observation skills to the test as we hunt for clues in the world around us! Who made that footprint? How did that nest get there? Will anyone move into the gnome and fairy houses we create out of objects found in nature? There’s a lot to discover around camp, and nothing will get by us this week!

Week 8: August 10 - August 14 -- You Are What You Eat

Where does our food come from? How does it grow in our gardens, and how does it transform from ingredients into delicious snacks that we put in our belly? Put on your apron, because things might get messy! Bring your imagination and your appetite!

Week 9: August 17 - August 21 -- Fitness Fun

Relay races, yoga, jumping jacks, and more! We’ll get our hearts pumping by trying out a new fitness activity every day. From obstacle courses to silly dance contests, we’ll keep the days moving. Of course, we’ll also learn about the importance of staying hydrated and healthy eating. Come join the fun!

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It is Trail Blazers’ mission to make camp accessible for everyone. We realize that families have different needs and abilities to pay. We offer 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day per week options to our families, according to a Tiered sliding scale. This is made possible through our extensive scholarship fund, for which we raise funds each year. For details, please download the fees description.

We are a NORWESCAP-endorsed child care provider. Please contact your local office to determine whether you are eligible to receive tuition support.

New Families...Welcome!

If you have never applied to any Trail Blazers programs before, you can start a new application here.


If your child attended Trail Blazers in 2014, or if you've already submitted your application for 2015, you can sign in here to make changes to your application, to download forms, or to fill out your Health History.


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