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Join the Team!

Many of our staff members describe Trail Blazers as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that they have ever had.

We are a group of deeply kind and dedicated folk who share a belief in the value and power of our unique program. We are committed to putting the needs of our campers first, and we believe in Trail Blazers’ values of showing care and respect for ourselves, others, our communities, and the environment.


As a Trail Blazers leader, you will collaborate in developing challenging goals, and think strategically about how to attain them. You will support and be supported by a team of passionate individuals working hard towards a common purpose. Trail Blazers’ Main Messages apply equally to our staff and our campers — you will hear them repeated all the time.

  • You belong here
  • This is tough…and you can do it
  • With practice, you will get better
  • Ultimately, you will succeed

Our staff are our most valuable resource. We apply the principles of respect, honesty, trust, and commitment to nurture and develop our teams for the benefit of each individual and our organization.

As Trail Blazers, we share a set of values that underpin how we relate to each other and the world around us. Each individual who is part of our staff team commits to upholding these values.

Care and respect for ourselves 

  • We are proud of our professional language, behavior, and appearance 
  • We seek the knowledge and skills we need to improve
  • We embrace opportunities to be challenged, to learn, and to grow

Care and respect for others

  • We build strong relationships with each other and with our campers
  • We respond to the expressed and unexpressed needs of the members of my team 
  • We show each other appreciation and acknowledgement

Care and respect for our community

  • We proactively make space for diversity of people, viewpoints, and spaces
  • We share a collective responsibility to address issues affecting our community 
  • We follow through on the commitments we make 

Care and respect for our environment

  • We are aware of the environment around us and adapt our actions to fit
  • We leave spaces better than we found them
  • We create safe and healthy environments for ourselves, our team, and our campers
Trail Blazers Day Camp includes exciting trips throughout the greater Brooklyn and NYC area.

Our Brooklyn day camp program includes exciting trips each week - either locally within NYC or to our 1000 acre estate in Northern NJ to experience the great outdoors!

Our best staff members:

  • Want to make a difference in the lives of children
  • Care about nature and the environment
  • Have experience working with children
  • Possess high levels of enthusiasm and patience
  • Have obtained, or are pursuing, a degree in
    • early child education
    • environmental/outdoor education
    • sociology/psychology
    • criminal/social justice
    • social work
  • Are enthusiastic about the outdoor

We are heading into our 6th summer of outdoor adventure, and we’re looking for the kindest, most playful, most enthusiastic people out there to join us! Each day finds us exploring Prospect Park, from its wide open fields to the nooks and crannies of its nature trails. If you love working with children, love being outdoors, and love adventure … well, have we got a summer for you.


As a group leader, you will work closely with a co-counselor to facilitate amazing camp experiences for a group of up to 8 campers ages 3-10. This is a rain or shine program, so get ready to use those rain boots! Camp runs Monday – Friday, 8:45 – 4:00. Staff begin training on July 20, and the season wraps up on September 5.


We are developing comprehensive health and safety protocols in response to Covid-19. For ongoing updates visit our day camp page.


Apply here — we look forward to meeting you! 

Under One Sky after school is a year-round program that inspires youth to understand that everything is connected to the environment. We engage children and inspire them to make connections to the world around them through hands-on projects, outdoor play and exploration, games and songs, team building and daily reflections.

Our after school staff are mentors and teachers to small groups of about 12 elementary aged children. Each day, staff facilitate environmental science lessons, engage in conflict resolution and positive behavior management strategies, tailor the program and schedule to meet the needs and interests of the group, encourage children to set and meet personal goals and reflect on personal growth. View a list of our current positions.

We are not currently accepting applications for this program.

Join a team of staff from across the country and across the globe! Spend your summer taking on outdoor adventures with kids in a rustic and back-to-basics camp setting. Our staff lead multi-day backpacking hikes, biking treks, and canoe trips. They spend time at a working farm or scaling rock walls. They cultivate gardens, lead archery activities, and become masters at maker space arts and crafts. No matter your role, you’ll end your day around the campfire with co-workers and campers ranging in age from 5 – 17.

Our staff is made up of college students and graduates, aspiring teachers, childcare professionals, outdoor educators, and campers who have grown up at TBC. View a list of summer jobs and a description of each role.

We are not currently accepting applications for this program.

We do not currently have open positions. Future positions will be posted here, with instructions on how to apply.

If you have questions about jobs or hiring you can email Molly McCue, Director of Operations,

We believe our program is the best – but is it the best fit for you?

We really care about being outside and are passionate about the program that we offer. If you are new to Trail Blazers Brooklyn Day Camp, please plan to attend one of our info sessions if you can, held the first Tuesday of the month, to learn more and ask as many questions as you have!

Because we do things differently from most other camps, we hope that you will take time to consider the following in order to ensure that we are a good fit for you and your family:

LITTLE LEGS AND BATHROOMS – Being in the park means we may not be directly next to a bathroom all the time. Sometimes, we have to walk a little. Our staff knows to map their program around bathroom locations, and we equip our youngest groups with emergency potties. Your camper should be able to recognize the need for a bathroom trip, communicate this need to their group leader, and then possibly hold on for a few minutes!

INDEPENDENCE AT A YOUNG AGE – Throughout the program, our campers learn a lot about self-management: packing their own backpack, getting ready for lunch, hiking in the park, etc. Your camper has to be ready to take on those challenges in increasingly more independent ways.This includes traveling to our New Jersey site with us, if you choose to enroll on those days.

UNSTRUCTURED PLAY – We believe that children learn best from things they experience on their own, and that the process of figuring out an activity is of equal or greater value than the activity itself. Unstructured free play allows kids to learn more – and learn differently – than during highly structured, instructor-led activities. Each day has lots of play built in, during which we explicitly train staff to step aside into the role of an observer and facilitator, but not teacher.

RAINY WEATHER – As a nature-loving outdoor adventure program, we are not easily scared inside! While hugely inclement weather may bring us indoors, we’re much more likely to seek shelter from rain under a tree – if at all! Puddle jumping and mud pies are right up our alley, and in order for you to have a great experience with us this summer, this needs to be something you’re excited about as well.

LOUD SINGING – Your camper will come home and sing camp songs incessantly, and will more than likely require you to participate. Are you ready for that fun?!

Our Main Messages

  • You belong here
  • This is tough…and you can do it
  • With practice, you will get better
  • Ultimately, you will succeed

Because consistent grouping is so important to what we do, we require you sign up your camper for the same group in each week. If a group is no longer available, you may not sign up for a different group. Doing so will result in your registration being cancelled. We reserve the right to change group assignments. If you encounter the wait list, please contact

Please familiarize yourself with our Terms and Conditions. This document will be available on your ACTIVE enrollment portal as well.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Brooklyn Day Camp


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