Trail Blazers has a long history of bringing our campers to nature, but this year we are bringing the nature to our campers! Our virtual summer camp will offer multiple live sessions every day, as well as science experiments, class camp activities, and elective sessions, with weekly themes that mirror our Brooklyn Day Camp. Our flexible program offers lots of activities each week for campers to choose as few or as many as they like. Virtual Summer Camp is much more than just sitting behind a screen though! We are excited to feature our new Nature in my Neighborhood Challenges, where campers can get the whole family together outside to explore!


Small groups and building relationships are a vital part of Trail Blazers mission. Your camper will be part of a dedicated smallcamp led by the same two group leaders because we know that caring adults and new friendships are critical ingredients for a memorable summer! What are you waiting for? Sign up today and join us on our new adventure!

trail blazers’ virtual summer camp

Each small group will have 3 live sessions each day and can build their schedule using at-home activities and challenges.


*Below is a sample schedule. Timing on live calls will vary by small group.


9 AM – Live Sunrise Session via Zoom

We’ll get the day started with our daily sunrise session – introductions and a movement activity or game to get our bodies and brains warmed up.


10 AM – At Home Activity

Use MyQuest to select an at home activity to complete. These activities align and compliment the weekly themes and content discussed in our live sessions. Campers can choose their own journey, selecting activities that interest them and fit your schedule. Each activity in MyQuest outlines the time estimated to complete the activity.


12 PM – Live Activity via Zoom

Our staff will faciliate a live science experiment; campers can follow along hands-on at home using materials outlined in our weekly material list.


1 PM – Nature in My Neighborhood Challenge

Prepare for adventure as you work to complete one of weekly outdoor challenges. Each week will include challenges to help campers stay connected with the outdoors. Options will vary to accomodate families with limited access to outdoor spaces.


2 PM – Live Elective

Join us for an additional live session for even more camp! Electives are designed to be fun and are an opportunity to socialize with campers and staff from other small camps – they’ll even be a few guest appearances from former staff and local community partners! Elective offerings could include new recipes, music lessons, or learning a dance routine.


3 PM – Live Sunset Session via Zoom

Campers will check in with their group leaders one last time for the day to reflect on their day, share their at-home work, and PLAY!


7 PM – Evening Activity or Camp Out

Join us for an evening of camp – families welcome! Feel like you’re back at Lake Mashipacong for a talent show, trivia night or camp out.


* Electives and evening activities are not offered on a daily basis

**Campers will have access to an assortment of at-home activities and challenges each week. Virtual camp is designed so that campers and families can select activities to fit their needs and schedule.

Our virtual camp experience includes daily live sessions and at-home activities & challenges, plus the joy of summer camp we all know and love!


Each camper group will have 3 live sessions per day. The first is our morning sunrise session, where we’ll make introductions, set goals for the day and get moving together!


The second is our midday activity, this session will typically include a structured science activity the group will do together. We’ll let you know what materials are needed in advance so your campers can engage hands-on at home.


The third live session is our sunset circle, where we’ll reflect on our day. Each camper will get the opportunity to share how they are feeling or an at-home activity they’ve been working on. For those of you familiar with Trail Blazers programs we will also introduce our virtual value catchers – where campers are recognized for positive actions that advocate for themselves, help others, their community, or the environment.


We know that kids miss just getting to hang out, socialize and play with their friends! So each week select live sessions will include virtual free play – where campers can break out into rooms and choose their own path. Eat a snack and chat with an old friend, build a blanket fort with a new friend, the possibilities are endless and their’s for the choosing.

In addition to our live programs our virtual camp experience includes a variety of at home activities and challenges your campers can complete to fit your schedule. At home activities or missions, as we often call them, align with our weekly themes and are designed to compliment our live programming.


When asking for parent feedback this Spring, we heard two main takeaways: Families needed flexibilty and were concerned about the amount of time their children were spending in front of screens.


Even when working remote it can be difficult to manage schedules, which is why we’ve designed our virtual offerings to be fun and flexible, campers can choose their own journey!


Once enrolled you will be invited to sign up for MyQuest where you will access a library of at home activities. Need a full day of engagement? Your campers can select 3 missions (activities) to complete in addition to our live sessions. Looking for a lighter load for the day? Choose only one mission. Campers can go at their own pace allowing you the flexibility you need.


Our at home activities are varied and designed to appeal to many learning styles – some missions include video instructions so your campers can follow along, while others include picture or written instructions so that they can be completed device free.

We thought long and hard about how we could translate the magic of summer camp to a virtual program. One of the ways we came up with is through weekly electives.


Each week we will offer a handful of elective options. Electives will be offered as live sessions and scheduled outside of the normal live sessions. Campers from any small group will be able to participate, so electives will also be an opportunity to see new faces.


Participation is optional, so campers can choose to join if they are interested in what is being offered.


The activities offered as electives will not be related to our weekly theme, but are instead a chance to try something new or engege in something you love. Learn a new Tik-Tok dance, make friendship bracelets, learn to new recipe. We might even see a few guest appearances from our international friends, former staff, alumni, and community partners.

We may be connecting virtually, but we still believe in the power of outdoor exploration!


Now, more than ever, it so important to stay connected to the outside world – so we’ve designed exciting ‘Nature in My Neighborhood’ challenges to help our campers and their families stay engaged. Each week of virtual camp will include several challenges that encourage campers to get outside, at whatever capacity they can – a walk around the block, a search for a landmark in the park, or maybe just bird watching from your window.


Stay connected not just with nature, but with your Trail Blazers community by sharing photos of your adventures on MyQuest.

Central to our philosophy in all programs is the smallcamp experience, and that’s no different in virtual camp. We’ll spend our weeks in consistent, small groups with the same leaders each day. These groups will plan their days collaboratively and overcome challenges together, allowing for deeper relationships and connections.

We have a diverse team of staff and interns from many different backgrounds, but they all share at least one thing in common – they cannot wait to meet your camper!


Each group will have 2 dedicated group leaders facilitating their virtual camp experience. You never know what favorite staff members from Under One Sky or Camp may show up!

Every Trail Blazers program is designed with the same five building blocks – research-backed strategies, seamlessly woven into each day’s plan:


GOAL SETTING: deciding upon daily, aspirational group and individual goals and planning paths towards them
TEAM BUILDING and CHALLENGE: working together to solve problems and encouraging each other to persist when things get tough
FREE PLAY and EXPLORATION: letting wonder and imagination guide the program experience
SCIENCE and SKILL BUILDING: honing in on specific interests and developing a methodical approach to learning
REFLECTION:  reflecting on one’s performance, focusing on the day’s highs and lows, and getting excited about what tomorrow will bring


This approach – adapted for our virtual programs, and that looks different every day, and for every group – delivers a uniquely powerful youth development experience.

Summer 2020 will feature an exciting Skills Mastery built into the theme of each week. Our weekly themes from Day Camp have been modifed to go virtual. Campers will be given opportunities to learn and develop a wonderful variety of hands-on skills from their very own homes:


Week 1 (July 6 – July 10):

Over the River & Through the Woods

Skill of the week: Orienteering

An introduction to all things Trail Blazers. We’ll learn about the different ways we can navigate towards adventure.


Week 2 (July 13 – July 17):

When Nature Calls

Skill of the week: Wildlife Identification

‘What’s that sound? Who’s tracks are these?’ Bird calls, track identification and more! The investigation is on as we learn about all the wildlife that shares our world.


Week 3 (July 20 – July 24):

How Knot to Slack on Survival Skills

Skill of the week: Knot Tying & Survival Skills

A welcoming introduction to wilderness arts, including simple survival knots, how to raise a shelter, filter clean water and craft the perfect marshmallow roasting fire. It will be easy to get tied up in how much fun we’ll have with this extremely useful skill week.


*Registration for Weeks 4-8 will be available in Mid-July


Week 4 (July 27 – July 31):

Namaste Outside!

Skill of the week: Wellness, Yoga & Meditation

Whether it is something as small as knowing when to ask for help, or taking a big step towards helping others, this week presents plenty of opportunities to learn about the body and how to take care of yourself and each other. Campers will balance and breathe as they learn to strike many new poses. But, just because we will be calming our bodies and minds, does not mean we will be slowing down. There is plenty of exciting activity to be had each day!


Week 5 (August 3 – August 7):

Harness the Power!

Skill of the week: Weather & Renewable Energy

Prepare to be blown away by our weather and energy themed week. Campers will be on cloud 9 as we learn all about weather and striking ways in which we can harness it’s natural power for renewable energy.


Week 6 (August 10 – August 14):

Getting Thready

Skill of the week: Sewing & Textiles

Spools out for summer and our tight-knit group of campers will be bursting at the seams for our sewing and textiles themed week. It’ll be sew much fun you’ll needle little rest before you carry yarn.


Week 7 (August 17 – August 21):

Park-itecture Adventure

Skill of the week: Lashing

In this building and engineering focused week, we will be crafting anything from picture frames to mega-structures! How big can you build? Your imagination is the limit.


Week 8 (August 24 – August 28):

It’s EASY being GREEN

Skill of the week: Gardening, Composting & Recycling

We’re rooting for you, there’s so mulch to learn about going green. As true Trail Blazers we need little encourage-mint to take care of this wonderful planet, but thistle be one exciting week as campers spend a little extra thyme learning hands on how to compost and best take care of our environment. We’ll grow together with some unbe-leaf-able recycling projects.

All Trail Blazers programs are offered on a tier basis, loosely linked to family income, with additional scholarship opportunities available. Your tier is self-selected during the application process.

  • TIER 1 (family income up to $30,000)- $35 per week
  • TIER 2 (family income $30,000-$60,000) – $45 per week
  • TIER 3 (family income $60,000-$90,000) – $60 per week
  • TIER 4 (family income over $90,000) – $75 per week
  • FULL FEE – $85 per week

We encourage you to select the tier that makes the most sense for your family. Additional scholarships are available on a limited basis for families in the tier 1 range to further reduce the cost. Please contact if you need additional financial support.


Additional Fees


Platform Fee – There is a one-time fee of $35 applied to your first virtual session to cover the cost of the MyQuest learning platform.


Supply Fee – You may choose to purchase program materials each week on your own and you will not be responsible for a supply fee. If you wish to purchase a supply package from Trail Blazers, there is a weekly charge of $20. Supply packages must be picked up from our Brooklyn office the Thursday before the designated week.


Refund Policy


Full refunds are available for program cancellations, until the first day of the program on June 29. After this date, no refunds will be given. Refunds will also not be given for unused days or activities.

Registration for Virtual Camp 2020 will be available starting June 15th!


Only registration for the first 4 weeks is available. Registration for August will be available starting in July.

We have partnered with the MyQuest learning platform to offer mission-focused virtual programming. After registration in Active, you will receive a link to set up your camper’s MyQuest account and join their smallcamp.


Use the button below to login and access your MyQuest dashboard.

How will we get program materials?

We strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle – many of our activities will require few materials and items you can typically find in your home. However, you can go about getting additional materials in one of two ways.


We will send out a list of suggested materials a week before your virtual experience is set to begin so you can shop for materials on your own. Or you can purchase a kit of materials from Trail Blazers for $20. Material Kits will be available for pick up from our office, at 394 Rogers Avenue, the Thursday before the program begins.


What tech will we need to participate?

To participate in our virtual programs you will need a device (laptop, tablet, etc…) and reliable access to the internet. That’s it!


What platform will be used for the virtual program?

For our virtual programs, we will use Zoom and MyQuest. All Live sessions and electives will take place via Zoom. After registration into our virtual program you will receive a link and password for Zoom calls, as well as an invitation to sign up for MyQuest. Once registered for MyQuest you will have access to our at-home activities, Nature in My Neighborhood Challenges and all of our virtual camp fun!


Can I apply a credit from a canceled program to pay the tuition?

Absolutely! If you have credit on your account from a previous program of our 2020 UOS season or a canceled camp session, you can apply the credit directly to your virtual camp tuition.


Still waiting to receive your credit from overnight camp or July day camp? No problem, our team is working hard to process credits and refunds. You can register for virtual camps without making a payment and our team can assist you in transferring credit for payment.


Full payment for Virtual Camp is due one week before your virtual experience begins.


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