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Updated June 12, 2020


Click here to watch the video message from Riel Peerbooms, Executive Director


Good afternoon, everybody. 

Yesterday, we shared that we are not permitted to open for traditional overnight camp. However, that does not mean that summer is over! Far from it. In spite of all the challenges that have faced in the last weeks and the ones ahead in the weeks to come, we are determined to fulfill our mission and be a resource for you. We have worked thoughtfully to develop a summer of programming and are excited to finally share our program plans with you.

As usual, we will provide our programs at a tiered-fee schedule for our families. We want to make sure that everything we offer this summer is truly accessible to everybody.

I also want you to know that you and your campers’ safety is the most important consideration. That means we made program adjustments and are taking precautions. We know you understand what this is needed.

FAMILY CAMP – starting July 3
While traditional sleepaway camp is not an option, we are able to host families at Mashipacong Estate. You and your family can spend a family-friendly week or weekend enjoying all that our property has to offer. Sleep in one of our tents, swim in the lake, go for a hike, sit around the fire, and more. Find more details, including how to reserve your tent today, here.

VIRTUAL DAY CAMP – starting June 29 
This summer, for the first time ever, we will be offering virtual day camp for campers ages 4 through 14. Weekly camp sessions include: multiple live daily sessions with their smallcamp and dedicated Group Leader, at-home activities, surprise specialty electives, and weekly “Nature in My Neighborhood” challenges that encourage campers and families to get away from the screen and learn about the world around us. Registration opens Monday, June 15. Learn more and register, here.

BROOKLYN IN-PERSON DAY CAMP – opening goal July 27
While the state of New York has given day camps permission to open as early as the end of June, we want to take additional time to establish protocols to keep your campers safe. We anticipate an open goal of July 27. This will give us seven weeks to prepare, during which we will:

  • closely watch New York’s progression into the opening phases to reach Phase 4;
  • work with the local health department to secure our operating license for this summer;
  • and determine how the guidelines that New York State, the CDC, and the American Camp Association have put forth will be safely applied in Trail Blazers Day Camp

Above all, we need to be as safe as it can possibly be, given the circumstances. Over the next few weeks we will keep you closely informed as we check each of these essential boxes.

On Monday, currently enrolled Day Camp families will receive an email about how we anticipate Day Camp will operate, so you can assess whether that meets your family’s needs, as well as information on how to confirm or cancel your enrollment for those weeks. Details will also be updated here.

As always, we hope your family is safe and is able to get through this unbelievable time. You are in our thoughts all the time.

Riel Peerbooms, MSW
Executive Director

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Updated June 11, 2020


Click here to watch the video message from Riel Peerbooms, Executive Director


Hello everybody.

To state that the last few weeks have been a challenge is a huge understatement. Between the world at large closing, schools and after school programs closing, and families having to figure out remote work and remote learning, it has been enormously difficult for everybody.

For Trail Blazers, that meant having to do things we never imagined having to do: Live Recess programs, Live After School programs, and Daily Family Resources. We hope that they were helpful for you in the last couple of months.

When the pandemic first hit, all day camps and all sleepaway camps were ordered closed by the government. At the time, we decided to wait and see, when many other camps decided to close, because we wanted to understand whether there would be an opportunity to continue to serve our families in a safe way. The ACA (American Camp Association) and other groups have been working with local government over the last couple of weeks to decide what the best next steps would be and that resulted in the New Jersey Governor reversing his decision for day camps but, unfortunately, not for sleepaway camps.

That means, for the first time in 133 years, Trail Blazers will not be able to operate sleepaway camp at Lake Mashipacong. That’s an enormously sad statement for me to make and I imagine a lot of our campers will feel tremendously sad about this as well, when they were looking forward to hiking the Appalachian Trail, sleeping under the stars, or swimming in the lake.

Rest assured, WE WILL BE BACK, better than ever in 2021.

In the next couple of weeks and months we will start working on what that needs to look like. There are a lot things going on in the world between the pandemic and concerns about equal access and equity. These are all things that are every important to us and we will use this time wisely to come back better than ever.

On Friday, we will share with you some of the programs that we will be offering this summer and we’re excited to do share those details with you.

In the meantime, we will love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts, or any concerns, please shoot us a note.

We hope that you continue to be safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Take care, everybody.

Riel Peerbooms, MSW
Executive Director

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Updated May 13, 2020


Hello Trail Blazers family, we hope you and yours are well.

We made a promise to keep you updated and connected as we weather COVID-19. The past few Wednesdays, we have shared video messages from Executive Director, Riel Peerbooms. Today, we’re sharing video messages from some of the other faces behind Trail Blazers: Molly McCue, Director of Operations, and Jennifer Bombardier, Director of Programs. We also have an additional update on summer and a “save the date” below:

Click here to watch the video message from Molly McCue, Director of Operations

Click here to watch the video message from Jennifer Bombardier, Director of Programs

As the weather warms and the days get longer, everyone here at Trail Blazers is getting anxious to be outside and return to some semblance of normalcy. We imagine that many of you are feeling the same way.

We were hoping to share our summer camp plans with you today, but the reality is that there are still too many questions that don’t have answers. We’re closely monitoring all guidance from the state, local health departments, and the American Camp Association, just to name a few, and are awaiting more clarity on what the summer will hold.

What we do know is this: If we CAN be together, we WILL be together.

By “if we can,” we mean a number of things. We need approval from state and local authorities, clarification on regional opening policies, and the ability to obtain permits from local health departments. We also need to be absolutely confident that the precautions we put in place are as comprehensive and effective as possible; after all, your child’s safety is and has always been our biggest priority.

Right now, our staff are hard at work imagining the possibilities of bringing camp magic to this time of great uncertainty. One thing’s for sure – it will be unlike anything we’ve done before!

Regardless of whether we can be together or whether we can’t, we will be offering virtual camp programming all summer long. We know this can’t replace the real thing – in our opinion, nothing can. Still, we will ensure that campers continue to have opportunities to grow and learn, and to connect with themselves, their environment, the camp community, and each other. Details will be coming soon.

COVID-19 is requiring many of us to stay at home and socially distance. It is also reaffirming the importance of being able to connect to nature and bringing attention to the unique social-emotional and academic needs today’s children are facing. Children need Trail Blazers more than ever and we remain committed to fulfilling our mission. Trail Blazers was there then, back in 1887 and through several wars and depressions. We are here today, amid COVID-19’s disruptions to our daily lives. We will continue to be here tomorrow, for you and all the children who need our programs.

Mark your calendars for May 28 at 7pm, our first ever “Stay at Home Social!” Join us as we come together as one Trail Blazers community online for a special event. Check your inbox tomorrow for details. We hope to see you there!

Take care and be well,
The Trail Blazers team


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Updated May 6

Click here to watch the video message from Tiffany Caton, Dir. of Development & Communications


Good morning everyone!

Today is Wednesday, but this is not Riel!

My name is Tiffany Caton and I’m the Director of Development & Communications here at Trail Blazers. Usually I’m behind the scenes but, as Riel mentioned in his last video, you’ll be seeing many more of the faces behind Trail Blazers in the coming weeks. Trail Blazers is a place but it’s also people. Many people. It’s campers, it’s generations of alumni, it’s staff, it’s board members, it’s family and friends. All of whom have a Trail Blazers story. I’d like to share my story with you.

I came to Trail Blazers in 2011 because, after several years in event marketing, I wanted to make a positive impact. I headed up to see the glorious Mashipacong Estate for myself and see the program in action. And yes, I did sleep in a tent at smallcamp. And yes, I was truly excited about it, too. I woke up in the morning to a beautifully sunny day and I had my first breakfast in the Great Hall. I don’t remember what I ate but I do remember all the singing. Even though I didn’t know the words, I still felt a uniquely positive and warm energy and I could feel the togetherness. Afterwards, I went on a tour of the site and met a young camper, now a young man, named Ray who had been coming for several summers and told me all about what Trail Blazers meant to him. Again, I don’t remember all the words he said. But I remember the energy behind the words. There was this deep and genuine joy. It struck me right away. And I decided that I wanted to keep Trail Blazers going so that future campers could experience that amazing energy, too.

So here I am today, almost exactly nine years later, on another beautiful sunny day that reminds me of the first time I visited Trail Blazers. Except today COVID-19 is here. But you know what else is here? Trail Blazers is still here. And will be here for a while. A long while.

As I have been reminded in the past few weeks, Trail Blazers has survived two world wars, the Great Depression, and several recessions. During times like these, more than ever, young people needed spaces where they can connect and feel joy. Trail Blazers was there then, is still here now, and will be here tomorrow. We’re all working hard to make sure of that.

My role in that is fundraising for today and tomorrow and keeping you updated and connected to all that is going on here at Trail Blazers. Stay tuned, soon we’ll be sharing ways you can help make sure we will be here tomorrow, including volunteering at an upcoming Operation Muscle, hopefully at the end of the month!

Till then, take care,

Tiffany Caton

Dir. Development & Communications


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Updated April 29


Click here to watch the video message from Riel Peerbooms, Executive Director

Hello everybody. I hope that you and yours are doing well.

If there is anything that has been made clear in these last couple of weeks, it is how important human connections are to all of us. We need our families. We need our friends. We need our communities. It’s one of the things that is central to Trail Blazers as well. Our whole program design is built on connections. For instance, we live in small groups and we have the same counselors with us, which helps form bonds that last for a lifetime.

I was on an alumni town hall call last week and that same notion struck me. There were people there from different generations and from different continents who all knew each other. They may not have been in close contact but they were still connected, happy to see each other, and continue to have meaning in each other’s lives. I see it in the online sessions with our current campers, who are excited to maintain connections with staff and with each other. I also see it with our staff, who, although they are social distancing, are still making time to remain connected, including sharing a laugh and supporting each other in creative ways. This is one of the things that we hope people get from their Trail Blazers experience.

We have a camp song that goes “It’s cheese that makes the world go round”. But I really think it’s human connections that really make the world go round. And it’s something that we’re reminded of every day right now. The last couple of weeks I’ve been sending you these videos. In the next few weeks, we’ll connect to some of the other people helping make Trail Blazers go round. We’ll hear from some of our staff members and board members to let them talk to you about their Trail Blazers story and what they’ve been doing to keep Trail Blazers going during this time. And we’d love to hear from YOU! What’s your Trail Blazers story? Let’s see if we can get alumni, staff, and families from around the world and through all years. You can send us a video we’ll post it. Or send us an email if you want. We’d still love to hear from you. Contact Christopher, Overnight Camp Director, at, for details.

Of course, at the same time, we’re continuing to plan for the next couple of days, weeks, months, next few years as we understand what that is beginning to look like. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

We know that these are very challenging and very difficult times for everyone. We hope you’re okay. Please stay connected to each other. Together we’ll get through this. We hope to see you soon.

Take care,

Riel Peerbooms, MSW
Executive Director


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Updated April 22


Click here to watch the video message from Riel Peerbooms, Executive Director

Good afternoon, Trail Blazers family.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to record a video on Wednesdays. How appropriate that this Wednesday is Earth Day! Happy Earth Day, from me and my son, Cooper!

Here is a fun fact. Many of you know that Trail Blazers is one of the oldest camp organizations in the country. However, how many of you know that Trail Blazers is the first camp organization to use the outdoors as an educational tool? In fact, the term “outdoor education” was coined at Trail Blazers!

In true Trail Blazers spirit, we’re connecting to nature. It is particularly chilly today but we are lucky enough to be able to spend time outside. One thing Cooper likes about being outside is using his imagination to play with his sister and create games and adventures. We know it’s great to think, reflect, spend time with yourself, and even use your imagination. It certainly feels a lot better when we spend some time outside.

Normally, we would be busy spending time outside with our campers at afterschool and recess. However, physical distancing is not keeping us from connecting to nature. I hope that you’ve seen a lot of the great programming that our Program Team is putting together online. For Earth Week, we have already produced excellent activities about upcycling and being green. There is also a wonderful video of identifying cacti in the American Southwest by Jenelle Curtis, one of our camp directors from several years ago! You can check it out on the Trail Blazers YouTube channel here.

That’s what you can expect from us. In the next couple of weeks we’ll continue to provide content to continue engaging and supporting our young people. If you have not already done so, sign up for our Stay At Home Camper Resources or share with another family with children at home. It’s a daily email with interactive live sessions as well as activities that you can sign up for here.

We also are still busy planning for the summer, planning for the fall, and planning for way beyond. In the next few days and weeks, you’ll hear how you can participate in that and help make sure Trail Blazers is around for many more generations to come. Now, more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of programs such as Trail Blazers and we hope you will be a part of that.

We hope you are well and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Take care.

Riel Peerbooms, MSW
Executive Director


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Updated April 15


Click here to watch the video message from Riel Peerbooms, Executive Director

Here in New York, we’re at week four of social distancing and I imagine you are impatiently waiting to figure out what is coming over the next days, weeks, and months. Certainly, that’s the case at Trail Blazers. The reality, of course, is that we don’t know what is coming. What we do know is that we will continue to make sure that Trail Blazers continues to be a place where young people can have outdoor experiences that help them grow into their best selves.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have heard from quite a few of you about your Trail Blazers experience and what it means to you or what it means to your kids. Just yesterday, I heard from the daughter of an alum and she shared that her mother always talked about how Trail Blazers gave her the confidence and leadership skills to support social justice causes throughout her life. Those are the kinds of things that are uplifting to us right now, that keep us going, that remind us what we are here to do.

In the next couple of days, we’re going to schedule an alumni call for you, or anybody that wants, to dial in, ask questions, and get some more insight into what we’re thinking and planning in the short term and our long term future. Contact Tiffany Caton, at, if you are interested in joining.

We are relentlessly focused on the simple but significant notion that people need to go outside in order to help them grow into the best version of themselves. That includes a focus on helping young people develop the skills and values that are the most important ones right now. Things like kindness, compassion, and a desire to help others. I hope that rings true for you. It certainly rings true for us. We’ll continue to work on that in whatever form or shape that’s going to take in the next few months and into the future.

I hope you are all doing well. That you’re staying safe out there. That you’re taking good care of each other.

We look forward to speaking with all of you soon.

Be well,
Riel Peerbooms, MSW
Executive Director


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Updated April 8


Click here to watch the video message from Riel Peerbooms, Executive Director


Dear Trail Blazers Family,

We hope you continue to be safe and well. Here in New York, Trail Blazers is preparing for another month of social-distancing. We’re also preparing for the light at the end of the tunnel. Although some things in our world continue to change, and some things have permanently changed, one thing you can always count on is our never ending commitment to supporting young people.

I’d like to highlight one of the ways our Program Team has embraced our current world and continues to ensure that young people are learning and growing. For the past three weeks, we have been piloting our Stay At Home Resources program and now we’d like to officially open it up to all of you!

Each day, from Monday through Friday, we have three program elements that campers and their families can participate in at their own pace. Today’s theme is birds and developing our inner ornithologist! Here is a sneak peak of what we did today:

Nature Science Activity
Each day, we create a way for families to use common household items to explore and learn. Since there are many hungry birds migrating back north this time of year, we have details on making bird feeders to hang outside a window.

UOS Live at 3pm
Interactive video sessions with our staff and fellow campers are perfect for taking a break during the day. Get ready for story time, yoga, sing-alongs, crafts, and science activities. The most important part is remaining connected to each other, which is so essential as we stay physically distant. If you missed UOS Live, stop by our YouTube channel for TBC Story Time. Today’s story is Gabriella and Her Pink Bike, told by Erick!

Online Resources
To take a deeper dive, we also compile additional science resources for campers and families to explore the daily topic. For example, did you know that birds are related to dinosaurs?

Emails go out every morning with the plan for the day. To get yours, sign up here. Do share with family, friends, neighbors, and more! We’re in this together and we believe everyone deserves access to essential child development resources.

While our Stay at Home Resources program is free, we are continually developing more programs and more ways to engage and support campers in our new world, including later on in the year when stay at home mandates are lifted. Stay tuned for ways to support our future programs.

The days are getting longer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the temperatures are rising, along with our hopes for the future. There is a rainbow at the end of this and we are looking forward to when we can all come together in person again. Until then we’ll continue to remain connected in our hearts and online.

Be well,
Riel Peerbooms, MSW
Executive Director


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Updated April 8


This unprecedented global crisis is unlike anything any of us have faced before. We are in a situation that nobody imagined a few months ago, and there continue to be more questions than there are answers.

Operational cost for our programs, including salaries, permits, summer preparation and property upkeep, is spread across our fiscal year. A significant percentage of funding usually generated to support our programs has been diverted, delayed or called into question. We are taking measured, intentional steps as each new piece of information comes to light. We are seeking every bit of federal, state, and local funding that we can. Our staff and board teams are laser focused on budget scenarios and financial projections.

Because of all of this, we are faced with a difficult reality, trying to determine how and when we give refunds or move any payment forward as credits for future programs. Our top priority is doing everything we can to do right by you and all of the people in our community. The truth is that we need more time to determine how we can be there for you and your camper – not only now, but into the future, and cannot process any refunds or record credits at this time.

We aim to be as transparent as possible as we navigate our response to the COVID-19 crisis and will be in touch with you regularly throughout this time.

Thank you.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Updated April 1


Click here for a video message from Riel Peerbooms, Executive Director. 


Dear Trail Blazers Family,

Three days after New York City decided to close schools, my family and I chose to stay upstate for a bit. For the last two weeks, I have navigated homeschooling my kids, figuring out what a work schedule can look like, and trying to wrap my head around what the current crisis means for Trail Blazers. I realize how lucky I am to be able to go outside every day, to take my son and daughter on a walk, and I realize not everyone has access to the outdoors, or even a park. And it makes me wonder how we are all going to feel about this, and what role Trail Blazers can play, once the virus ordeal is behind us.

As I am writing this, many questions remain about what is ahead. Our after school and recess programs are on hiatus as we wait to see when our schools will reopen. Our summer programs are slowly getting ready for summer, in the midst of much uncertainty of what we will or will not be able to do. Similarly, we don’t know what the fall will look like but we look forward to talking with each one of our schools, agencies, and partners to understand how we can best engage with campers and families.

But we wouldn’t be Trail Blazers if we didn’t use this opportunity to respond to our new landscape by blazing some new trails. Our full time team is 11 strong and has all kinds of amazing and inspiring ideas they would love to try out in order, like Trail Blazers After School Live, over Zoom! Who could have even imagined that just a few weeks ago? Over the next few weeks and months we will learn more about what works and what else our young people need. What matters to us most, now and always, is our vision: that all people have opportunities to go outside, to grow within. Something tells me that this will be more important than it has ever been, and we will work hard to be there for you.

In the next few weeks you will hear more about what we are planning, as we learn what is possible and as we hear from our families what they need in re-emerging from this difficult time. And we will let you know where you can help: from setting up camp for campers and families (we will pick a new Operation Muscle date when we can!) to helping put a camper – or a family – on the bus to camp this summer. Trail Blazers will need you this year, more than ever.

Until that time, we hold you all in our thoughts, and hope you are doing well.

Warm wishes, Riel


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Updated March 25


Dear Trail Blazers Family,

Rainbows are often a symbol of hope. Today, we’d like to share one of our favorite photos, a rainbow emerging over the Great Lawn at Mashipacong Estate after a summer camp rainstorm. See it here!

We hope you are finding your way through these challenging times. Like everyone else, Trail Blazers continues to monitor the situation to understand what programming we will be offering now and in the future. While COVID-19 continues to create a new normal for many, we are still here at Trail Blazers HQ continuing the work of supporting young people and contributing one element of stability and connection during these tumultuous times.

Every day, Monday through Friday, our Under One Sky After School Program Team is producing materials for families to explore our world and connect. Last week we launched Trail Blazers Story Time, videos of staff reading their favorite stories, and the Stay at Home Camper Resource Center, a site with nature-based crafts and experiments. Check our pages regularly for updates. Or, have the daily activities and videos sent straight to your inbox every morning by clicking here!

We’re in this together and we believe everyone deserves access to essential child development resources. Feel free to share with family, friends, neighbors, and more.

Having been in operation since 1887, we know it is important to continue our work and support children and families – especially when times are challenging. As we monitor COVID-19 updates, we are still programming and we are still engaging. We may be physically apart, but we are all still connected. We’ll weather this together.

Be safe. Be healthy.
Trail Blazers

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Updated March 20

Dear Trail Blazers Family,

It has been quite the whirlwind this past week as we adjust to a changing reality. As you, we have been following COVID-19 updates closely. For now, our after school and internship programs are on hold and we are planning for when we return to run programs, including our day and overnight camp.

However, we are still here. Even though we are practicing social distancing here at Trail Blazers HQ and working remotely, we remain completely committed to guiding young people as they grow and build values for life. Our email and phone lines are still in operation. Our staff are still working behind the scenes to fulfill the promise made in our Strategic Plan, to be a “Best In Class” youth organization. Having been in continual operation since 1887, we look forward to continuing to serve our community when you need us the most.

As COVID-19 affects your routines in changing ways, we want to support our community by being one  consistent element and provide free resources for staying indoors with young family members. Please feel free to share with family, friends, neighbors, and more.

Check out our new Resource Page. Our Under One Sky After School Program Team has been hard at work developing activities and materials for children and their families to continue learning about nature and our world, Trail Blazers style.

Then stop in for Trail Blazers Storytime, short videos for families to watch together that are perfect for a fun mid-day break or winding down at the end-of-day, on our YouTube channel. Our first Storytime features Erick, Under One Sky Site Director at P.S. 139!

Videos, activities, and materials will be updated regularly, so check back often. Or sign up for the Stay At Home Camper Resources mailing list to receive an email your activities for the day. Please feel free to share with family, friends, neighbors, and more.

In regards to in-person programs and events, we will continue to follow guidance issued by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and our local departments of health and education. For real-time updates and status changes, visit our Updates Page. We will also be sending emails and social media announcements with updates.

We’ll weather this together.

Be safe. Be healthy.
Trail Blazers


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Updated March 20, 3:01pm


As our world changes continually and rapidly, Trail Blazers is working behind the scenes to ensure that we respond in ways that support our community as much as possible while following guidance issued by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and our local departments of health and education. 

In New York, today’s announcement from the governor mandates that everyone stay home in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19. At Trail Blazers this means: 

  • At Trail Blazers HQ, staff continue to work remotely from home for their safety as well as the safety of others. While our physical office space is closed, our email and phone lines continue to work and will remain open. 
  • Our in-person after school programs and spring break programs are on hiatus, until schools reopen, in order to protect our campers and our staff.
  • We are supporting families with children at home by providing activities they can implement to continue learning and growing, Trail Blazers style. Our staff continue to develop arts and crafts, science experiments, and virtual story time videos which will be posted on our new Stay at Home Resource page, HERE. It will be updated regularly, so check back often.
  • We will continue to communicate changes here, on our website, as well as via email. 

We remain completely committed to guiding young people as they grow and build values for life. We continue to work behind the scenes to fulfill the promise made in our Strategic Plan, to be a “Best In Class” youth organization. Having been in continual operation since 1887, we look forward to continuing to serve our community when you need us the most.

We’ll weather this together.

Be safe. Be healthy.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Updated March 15, 7:38pm


The recent announcement of city-wide school closures means that all school year programming is on hiatus until schools reopen on April 20.

  • In-school and after-school programs will not be operating so long as schools are closed.
  • Enrollment and hiring for our in-school and after school programs is on hiatus.

At this time we are continuing to actively prepare for both our day and overnight summer camps. Enrollment and hiring for our summer camps is moving forward uninterrupted.

Updates on the status of our spring break programming are forthcoming.

We will continue to update this page, and to provide email updates to our current participant families, families enrolled in future programs, program staff, and the wider Trail Blazers community. 


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Updated March 13, 3:35pm


The New York City Department of Education announced this afternoon that school based extracurricular activities are cancelled. We would like to reiterate that this DOES NOT impact after school programs. Under One Sky and Summit after school programs are operating as usual.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Updated March 12, 3:00pm


At Trail Blazers, our top priority is and always will be ensuring the health and safety of all our participants, families, and staff members. 

We are taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously, and are carefully following expert information as it becomes available through the WHO, the CDC, the New York Department of Health, and the NYC Department of Education

  • At this time, all school-year programs are running as normal. 
  • We are actively preparing for an exciting summer at both our day and overnight camps. 
  • Enrollment and hiring for all programs is continuing as usual. 

We have always taken great care to develop and maintain medical practices to address a variety of communicable diseases; these plans will be reviewed and revised in cooperation with public health authorities as additional COVID-19 guidance is provided. 

We also continue to prioritize the emotional safety of our participants. Children feel and respond to the stress of the environment around them; we are keeping this front of mind as we face this challenge and train our staff accordingly. We encourage you to follow the CDC recommended health precautions, and to respond to facts about the coronavirus rather than fear or worry. 

We will continue to provide email updates to our current participant families, families enrolled in future programs, program staff, and the wider Trail Blazers community. We will also post updates here as situations warrant.

Now – as always – we are guided by our values of caring for ourselves, each other, our community, and the environment around us. Please reach out to the director of your/your child’s program, or Executive Director Riel Peerbooms ( if you have any questions. Thank you.


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