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Under One Sky

Under One Sky inspires urban youth to understand that everything is connected to the environment. This program expands the notion of environment to include everywhere we live, work and play. Through year-round opportunities in, out of and after school, students are empowered to become active participants in their local environment - because we all live under one sky!

For an overview of UOS' impact, including participant's community service final projects, read the report here. PDF reader needed.

UOS- Leadership Team

UOS campers spend two summer weeks at Trail Blazers in a "UOS smallcamp" learning stewardship and conservation hands-on. Summer environmental leadership opportunities included assisting with hiking and trail maintenance, running a camp-wide “Trash Challenge” and visiting a local, organic farm.

Throughout the fall and spring, UOS continues to explore the local environment through a series of monthly workshops throughout the city, deepening their understanding of how the urban and natural environments intersect and contribute to community well-being. Read our blog, written by our students, to learn more about their workshops and stay posted for details on their final project this spring! This program is available for all campers, ages 14 and up. Sign up today!

UOS- After School Program

Trail Blazers is proud to offer engaging, year-round after school programming to elementary and middle school students throughout the city to promote critical thinking and a sense of wonder for the world around us. This program is offered 1-2 days a week at your school or after school program, incorporating a local field trip and community environmental project.

Throughout the program we emphasize: Helping students connect – to themselves, their peers, adults in their lives and their communities, in whatever form they exist. Caring for the local environment – your environment, your community. Finding real-world solutions to local problems. Building leadership skills and character. To host an UOS after school program at your school or to learn more, click here.

UOS- In-School Curriculum

UOS In-School Curriculum is a credit-bearing customizable curriculum, suitable for all teaching and learning styles to create a platform for urban stewardship, civic engagement and environmental leadership with year- round support from Trail Blazers staff. Lessons emphasize care for the local environment, finding real-world solutions to problems and building leadership skills.

This interdisciplinary program, which impacts classroom and community education is designed to support one high school science or social studies credit. To learn more about partnering with us, click here.

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