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*** PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment for 2015 is now LIMITED***

Only available weeks and days are listed in the online application.
If you need a spot in a week that is not listed, please visit or call our office (212-529-5113 xt 5).
We will do our best to accommodate you.

Lefferts Garden Montessori and Trail Blazers are teaming up for a one-of-a-kind day camp program for Brooklyn, bringing the Trail Blazers experience to Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn, NY! Since 1887, our programs have helped youth connect and engage with their surroundings, guiding them as they touch, smell, taste, and otherwise experience all that the environment has to offer.

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In collaboration with Lefferts Garden Montessori, our day camp program helps your camper make memories and create friendships that last a lifetime. This is not your ordinary day camp – everything we do is centered around the outdoors, unplugging ourselves from our screens (no iPads here!) and connecting to our surroundings. Weekly themes include “Survivor!” (studying wildlife, orienteering and map making, learning about wild edibles, going on hikes and zoo visits, and answering the question: What does it take to live in the city – for plants, for animals, for you?) and “Waterworld” (building boats, learning to fish, exploring pond ecosystems, learning how to swim, and asking ourselves: How do we live and around water?) At Trail Blazers, we prefer natural crafts, lots of group play and group challenges, teambuilding, natural exploration and, of course, lots and lots of singing – after all, this is summer camp!


PLG Trail Blazers will be staffed with professionals from both Trail Blazers and Lefferts Garden Montessori.

Trail Blazers Sleep Away Camp and Montague Day camp are American Camp Association accredited, meaning that all staff are trained professionals in their area of expertise. Trail Blazers' certifies American Red Cross Life Guards and recruits staff from all over the country and the world who have a passion for working with youth in the outdoors. Each staff member undergoes an intensive interview and reference check. Before children arrive, staff complete a thorough training, covering all aspects of the Trail Blazers program, to prepare for the important job of looking after your child’s physical and emotional safety.



  • Camp structure – groups of 10 children or less, 2 group leaders, international staff from all over the world
  • Home base – Prospect Park as well as at Lefferts Garden Montessori, drop off at the parks edge in convenient location
  • Three 2-week themes – fun rooted in solid contents…learning does not stop during the summer!
  • Weekly Trail Blazers visit – our 1000 acre forested property in Sussex County, NJ, is the perfect place to dive into our exciting themes
  • Swimming and water activities – including in our 55 acre lake, led by American Red Cross certified life guards
  • Weekly local trips – from zoos to swimming to rock climbing, we’ll explore what Brooklyn has to offer
  • Healthy snacks and healthy habits incorporated into each day
  • Optional Family Weekend overnight at camp to close each theme
  • A mix of international and local staff – Trail Blazers hires from Brooklyn to Australia

  • Local Adventures and Weekly Camp Trips

    Each theme has one local adventure built into each week, in addition to a weekly trip (every Friday) up to our 1000 forested acres in Sussex County, NJ (transportation included) to swim in our lake, hike our trails, or cook over an open fire. Parents are welcome to join these camp days (extra charge applies).

    Ages, Times and Location

    PLG TRAIL BLAZERS is for children ages 4-12. Campers are grouped with children of a similar age.

    Camp starts each day at 8am (drop off between 8 and 8.30) and end at 4pm. Extended hours from 4.00 until 6.30 available .

    There are 7 weeks of programming. Each week, your child may choose to attend 2 days (Tuesday and Thursday), 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or 5 days. See the side bar for details of each week.

    PLG TRAIL BLAZERS will take place in Prospect Park and at the LGM building on 526 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, depending on programming. A weekly program will provide details on drop off and pick up in convenient locations.

    Family Weekends

    Throughout the summer we will offer Family Weekends up at camp, for you and your camper to make memories together sleeping under canvas, fishing in our lake, and exploring our trails.

    Family weekends occur at the end of the 2-week themes, leaving on Friday morning and returning Sunday afternoon. We have two family weekends scheduled for this season (Friday 7/24 and 8/7). Additional fees apply.

    Info Session

    An info session/Open House is scheduled for April 25th, 10-3pm at the Trail Blazers office, 394 Rogers Ave.


    Contact Molly, Director of Programs, at mmccue@trailblazers.org or (212) 929-7105. Or stop by at our office. We will be happy to speak more with you about what Trail Blazers has to offer.

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    WEEK 1: 7/6 - 7/10



    This introduction week offers a little bit of everything, getting used to the summer routines and being out and about. It will include the first trip up to Trail Blazers!


    WEEKS 2 and 3: 7/13 - 7/24


    What does it take to survive? In the City? In the Wild? For plants? For animals? For Us? This themes explores the various ways life adapts to its environment – the qualities, skills and tricks that ensure survival.


    WEEKS 4 and 5: 7/27 - 8/7


    From building boats that sail on it to observing the animals that live in it, we will explore water, water everywhere, learning how to be safe around it, have fun using it, and who lives in it.


    WEEKS 6 and 7: 8/10 - 8/21


    Where does our food come from? How does it grow in our gardens, and how does it transform from ingredients into delicious snacks? This is a time to play with our food as we explore what it takes to make things grow.

    • No registration fee!
    • 2 days per week: $185
    • 3 days per week: $285
    • 5 days per week: $435
    • Extended hours 4-6.30: $20/day/child

    All fields trips are included in the fee, unless otherwise noted in the program.

    Family Weekends
    • 1 parent, 1 child enrolled in camp: $150
    • 2 parents, 1 child enrolled in camp: $250
    • Additional Enrolled Child: $50
    • Additional non-enrolled child (4+): $100

    Refunds or credits will not be given for unused weeks or days, as staffing must be committed.

    Available discounts:

    • Sibling Discount: 5% reduction of the total tuition of each sibling
    • Early Bird Discount: 5% on the total tuition of each participant on weeks/days registered by April 26.

    Once you enroll, you will receive an email with detailed instruction on paperwork to complete. To stay enrolled, a minimum of 10% of your balance must be paid. This can be done online or by mail. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    New Families...Welcome!

    If you have never applied to any Trail Blazers programs before, you can start a new application here.


    If your child attended Trail Blazers in 2014, or if you've already submitted your application for 2015, you can sign in here to make changes to your application, to download forms, or to fill out your Health History.

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