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Trail Blazers is proud to present our new year-round program, Futures in Food, made possible through a competitive grant from the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA), to help teens learn healthy habits and prepare for green careers in the local food industry.

Develop Real-World Skills For Your Future in Food

Futures in Food broadens its students' knowledge of the local food industry and provides them with skills and experience to turn that knowledge into employment. The program runs in three phases: a summer training intensive at our camp in Sussex County, NJ, a monthly workshop series in NYC, and a culminating internship phase in which students gain valuable real-world experience. For youth ages 15-21.

The Summer Intensive


Spend a week at Trail Blazers Camp and embark on a hands-on journey from farm to table! By visiting nearby farms and gardens and working in our camp kitchen, participants develop their understanding of local, sustainable food and gain the confidence to prepare delicious meals for the entire camp to enjoy.

The Workshop Series


Expand your knowledge and skill sets through our workshop series. Participants gather monthly on Saturday afternoons at different city locations to apply what they've learned at camp to the urban environment. Workshop topics include food entrepreneurship, recipe development & urban agriculture.



Put your skills to work in a real-world professional internship in New York City. Participants are matched with local businesses in the food service industry to complete a 20- hour apprenticeship with bakeries, food manufacturing locations, start-ups and many more!

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To learn more about the Futures in Food program, contact Jen Ugolino at 212-929-7104, or email

Check out our blog to see what our current participants are up to.

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