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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Trail Blazers experience. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us directly.

How long will my camper be at camp?

Our general camp sessions range in length from 12 to 14 days. Our BKB/Farm & Forest programs are 6 days. Campers can come for multiple sessions, but must go home during the interim between sessions. General camp session dates for 2015 will be announced soon!

Can I call my camper while s/he is there?

One of the most powerful aspects of the Trail Blazers experience is the ability for campers to 'unplug' and be away from technology while building independence and self-confidence outside of their comfort zone. Because of this, campers do not have access to phones or computers. We encourage regular letter writing, and you can send your child emails through our camp email address. We will print them out and deliver them to your camper along with the postal mail. Remember to keep letters positive, and make sure you tell your camper how excited you are that they are having a great time at camp! As a parent, you are always able to call in with any questions you have or to get status updates on your child; however, they will not be able to call or email you.

What should I pack?

We ask that you send enough clothing for at least 7 days. We will do laundry once during each two-week session; in order to ensure that we accommodate all of our campers, laundry is limited to necessities only. Because your child will be outside in the elements, please pack old clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Also please make sure to label ALL clothes with first and last name. A detailed packing list and other useful information can be found in the parent handbook .

I'm loving the sound of Trail Blazers, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Is there any financial assistance available?

As a non-profit camp, we aim to make the camp experience affordable and accessible to everyone who is excited about a Trail Blazers camp experience! Tuition for our General Sleep Away program is subsidized based on an tier system that takes into account family income and personal circumstances. We also have a limited number of scholarships that are available on top of the tiered tuition -- so apply early! Scholarships are limited for the BKB TrailBlazers Climbing Camp and Farm & Forest specialty programs. For more information about our fee system or to determine what tier you are in, click here.

How does Trail Blazers screen its staff?

As an American Camp Association Accredited Camp we ensure that all staff are trained professionals in their area. We certify our own American Red Cross Life Guards and recruit staff from all over the country and the world with a passion and excitement for working in youth development and outdoor education. Each staff member undergoes an intensive interview and reference check which includes a mandatory criminal background and national sex offenders registry check. Before children arrive, staff complete a thorough training, covering all aspects of the Trail Blazers program, to prepare for the important job of looking after your child’s physical and emotional safety.

My child has a food allergy, and is kind of a pick eater. Can Trail Blazers accommodate this?

Camp is about expanding horizons and trying new things. We employ a "Three Bite Rule" during meals that encourages all campers to try at least a little bit of every food. This allows them to try new things and ensures that they are eating full and proper meals. Trail Blazers is a peanut free camp and has zero peanut products on menu. In addition, we can accommodate dairy free, vegetarian, low acid, and other specific diets. If your child has an allergy or restriction, we will honor that to the best of our ability. Please make sure that all allergy information is included in their health history and that the necessary precautions (such as an epi-pen) are sent to camp. Call us before camp to speak directly about any diet or food questions you have.

Can I visit my child while s/he is at camp?

Trail Blazers does not host visiting days during the summer. Part of the power of camp comes from independence and from getting away from what campers know. Seeing family often brings on feelings of homesickness and can be challenging and confusing for many campers. You and your child may attend the Open House prior to camp to see what it is all about. We also have one "Friends and Family Day" during the summer, where you can come and see camp in session. Although Friends and Family Day may fall within your child's camp experience, they may be off camp property on their Vagabond expedition or busy with their group, so it is not a guarantee that you will see them.

How will my child get to and from camp?

Trail Blazers provides transportation to and from camp for our campers coming from New York City and surrounding towns in New Jersey. About a week before your session starts, you will receive an email with the location and time of the pick up/drop off. Please make sure to be there at that time, or contact us if something comes up! You are also free to bring your child up on your own if you prefer.

What happens if my child gets sick or is injured?

Trail Blazers has a licensed RN, LPN, or EMT on camp at all times. We have an infirmary where medications are stored and dispensed daily or as needed, and where campers can go to rest or be checked out when they are ill or injured. In order to provide the best care for your child, it is very important that you completely fill out your health history and medical forms as well as send your child with enough of any prescription medication in its original container for the duration of camp. For any matters that require additional medical treatment, we are within a short drive to local hospitals and doctors.

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