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Many of our staff members have described their time at Trail Blazers as one of the most challenging, and yet rewarding, experiences that they have ever had. Our environment is rustic and our standards are high -- read through our website thoroughly to get a good sense of whether Trail Blazers is a good match for you.

Think you have what it takes to be a Trail Blazer?

Our best staff members:

  • Possess a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of children
  • Have an appreciation of and interest in the natural world
  • Have previous experience working with children, particularly children from the inner city
  • Possess very high levels of enthusiasm, leadership, and patience
  • Have obtained, or are pursuing, a degree in education, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, environmental education, outdoor education, or social work
  • Are willing and able to facilitate children’s growth in a challenging, rustic environment
  • Have previous experience, even if informal, with backpacking, camping, hiking, or other adventure-based activities
  • Are at least 19 years old and have had at least one year of post-high school experience
Read more about what it takes to be a successful TBC counselor here: Are you a Trail Blazer at Heart?

Available Positions

Below is an abbreviated list of the positions we have available. Overseas and interested in joining us? Trail Blazers hires staff from all over the world! You will need to fill out the Trail Blazers application in addition to the application from your exchange agency. Contact us with any questions!

Ready? Start Here!

If you are interested in working at Trail Blazers this summer, please email your resume to In the body of the email, respond to the following questions:

    • 1. Why are you interested in a job with Trail Blazers?
    • 2. Based on what you know about Trail Blazers, what would be the most challenging aspect of working at camp, and how do you foresee yourself overcoming that challenge?
    • 3. Imagine you are given the opportunity to spend a day in the woods with a group of kids, any age. How would you want to spend that day with them? What would be your favorite part of that day?

    Qualified candidates will be prompted to complete en extended application and will be contacted for an interview, in person or via Skype.

    Please note that all positions Trail Blazers must be filled by persons age 19 and above, unless you have been invited to apply otherwise.

    Summer of 2015 Schedule

    **Training start dates are tentative**

      • Specialist Training begins June 8
      • All Staff Training begins June 15

      • Session 1: June 28 - July 10
      • Session 2: July 12 - July 24
      • Session 3: July 27 - August 8
      • Session 4: August 10 - August 22

      • Staff Final Day: August 24
      • Post camp work available after August 24

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