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These items help us provide enriching experiences for our youth. If you would like to donate please contact us for specifics on quantities, sizes, and other details. If you would like to contribute items not on this list, please contact us first so we can ensure your donation is put to good use. Contact: Tiffany Caton, Development & Communications, at (212) 929-7106 or tcaton@trailblazers.org.

GIFTS UNDER $50 (per item): Bike Helmets, Bike Repair kits, Mountain bikes, Pillows, Linens for cot/twin size beds, Mattresses for cot/twin beds, Deodorant, Tarp, Chapter reading books, Toothbrushes, Water bottles, Field Guides, Sunscreen, Bathing suits, Glue (sticks or liquid Elmer), Shampoo/Conditioner/Bars of Soap, Fishing poles, Paint (for face or paper), Unscented body lotion, Backpacks, Insect repellant, Binoculars, Crayons/colored pencils, Band-aids, Ace bandage wraps, Outdoor sleeping mats, Lanyards, Board games, Garbage bags, Scissors, Paintbrushes, Linen markers, Socks, Blankets (non-wool), Plaster of Paris, Underwear, Rain ponchos, Plastic gloves, Flashlights, Construction paper, Non-Lead Clay, Belts, Gardening tools, Posterboard, HE Laundry detergent, Seeds for vegetable garden, Silverware, Archery targets, Office supplies, Paper towels.

GIFTS UNDER $100 (per item): Outdoor stoves, Digital cameras, Dome tent, Kayak/Canoe paddles, Archery bows, Arrows, Sleeping bags

GIFTS UNDER $250 (per item): Canvas

GIFTS UNDER $500 (per item): Kayaks, Computers/Laptops

GIFTS UNDER $1000 (per item): Canoes

GIFTS OVER $1000 (per item): *Sawmill (high priority need) *Backhoe (high priority need)

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e: info@trailblazers.org

Summer Office

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